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Meet Dr. Ketam Hamdan: Mental Health Thought Leader and an Advocate of Change

Dr. Hamdan helps her clients heal from the trauma that is blocking them from living a more conscious life that is more fulfilling and happier.
Ketam Hamdan

We are all guilty of spending an enormous amount of time each day checking social media. Studies have shown that an average person spends around two hours each day on social media. That is like having a long chat over a cup of coffee with a friend! What matters is the kind of content you follow and what you gain from it. Because at the end of the day, who you spend your time with is who you become. So if you are seeking change to develop at a professional or personal level, following influencers like Dr. Ketam Hamdan, known as @brainhealthdoc, can benefit you.

Dr. Hamdan is a professional therapist with years of experience in the field, helping people heal and grow out of painful experiences. But there is a lot more to her than just that. Her painful life experiences influenced her healing journey and inspired her to guide others on more effective healing strategies.

Her compassion to help, educate, and enable healing has helped her clients live their best lives. She is a true visionary. She uses her knowledge from gurus around the world, academic achievements from the Ivy Leagues, her spiritual inclination, and sound understanding of developmental trauma to curate holistic healing techniques that really are transformative.

Dr. Hamdan helps her clients heal from the trauma that is blocking them from living a more conscious life that is more fulfilling and happier.

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Dr. Hamdan helps her clients heal from the trauma that is blocking them from living a more conscious life that is more fulfilling and happier. She believes that humans are not broken and need just to be led back to their inner self, which contains the meaning and answers they are looking for. For most adults, a majority of your waking time is spent self-protecting your wounds, so there is little energy available to be truly present and alive. A person’s traumatic and stressful events left unprocessed and suppressed will only get in the way of self-discovery and love. Still, you can maneuver your way through them successfully with proper guidance and education. Dr. Hamdan provides her expert guidance to help her clients demystify the process of personal development and transformation.

While many professionals are using meditation, spiritual practices, or religious rituals to heal psychological problems, Dr. Hamdan negates this alone will help. It leads to a 'spiritual bypassing,’ whereby the person ignores psychological issues. She explains the phenomena and says, “If you were neglected as a child or not allowed to express your opinion, no matter how much you turn to God, it wouldn’t address your internal wound of not feeling heard or enough. My personal experiences and research taught me it's not either religion or psychology. You need both: Psychology and Spirituality.” Turning solely to spirituality is a failed concept because mental issues are deep-rooted and complex. They require proper expertise and treatment to uncover each layer with adequate guidance and education to find the underlying trauma to address.

Dr. Hamdan’s unique approach to mental health treatment that combines the eastern concepts of healing and western education to create a unified approach has set her apart from other professionals. She focuses on demystifying the inner journey for those she works with. She has emerged as a global thought leader and advocates transformation using “brain” health instead of “mental” health. She believes using the word “brain” helps provide more credibility to affirm disorders and that they are not just symptoms in one’s head. Using science and evidence-based strategies, she connects the three neural pathways of the head, heart, and body for holistic growth.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Learning, creativity, and integration are values that drive the mission of Dr. Hamdan's professional pursuits as a therapist and influencer while also dominating her approach to life, family, and relationships.