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Kimberly Cloud

Originally from Washington, DC, Kimberly Cloud is a trailblazing entrepreneur who hopes to inspire the younger generation to pursue their dreams despite all odds. Growing up in the suburb of Washington, she and her family relocated to Charlotte, NC, when she was seven in search of greener pastures. However, when she was fifteen, her mother passed away, and Kimberly moved back to her hometown in Washington, D.C, where she went to high school and worked odd jobs to support the family. A few years later, she graduated with honors from Oxon Hill High School and proceeded to join the military, an immersive experience of creativity, strength and empowerment that would forever change her.

She got out of the military on honorable discharge, changed careers and got a couple of jobs at Convergys and Alorica affiliated with AT&T. This time of her life was a true game-changer as the career change gave her ample time to go to college. In March 2012, she pursued a tertiary education at the Maryland Center for Veterans Education and Training (MCVETS). She then went to college at the Baltimore City Community College and the Coppin State University and earned her master's degree in business management from the University of Phoenix.

After college, Kimberly realized she wanted autonomy in her life, wanted to control her hours and decided against joining the teeming workforce.

After college, Kimberly realized she wanted autonomy in her life, wanted to control her hours and decided against joining the teeming workforce. Instead, she decided to put her artistic prowess to task, and so she launched her companies - Blue Cloud Cleaning andGenuinely Michelle wigs LLC in 2020 and Wigs for Success in 2021. Since starting her company, Kimberly has been committed to giving her customers the best experience through her excellent artistry in making stunning and show-stopping wigs. In addition, her artistry in creating vibrant wigs has led to a significant increase in sales, with one of her companies getting a franchise by May of this year.

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 In addition to being a trailblazing entrepreneur, Kimberly Cloud has been a producer at Santa Maria community TV network and Santa Barbara TV network for over two months and is the author of the widely anticipated short story, "Life of a Cloud," which will be out by the end of March. With her book, she hopes to inspire others to "do the same thing that the rest of us are doing."

Kimberly draws her motivation and drive for success from the industrious people around her and her unwavering determination to become a source of inspiration for young entrepreneurs who want to start. "I will have my platform that will create many people's dreams to come true. I am building my videos one by one and will be pushing out commercials, video interviews, and round table talk shows, which will be streaming worldwide," she shares.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Kimberly Cloud wants to expand her companies in the coming years, growing them into multi-millionaire companies. But, she also wants to keep giving back to the community, especially to young entrepreneurs, encouraging them to follow their hearts. "I am persistent, and I am very courageous, and I love friendly competition because it helps create who I am and what I plan on doing in the world," she says.