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Kinan Salameh

If you’ve ever been to a book store, which for sure you would have, you would have noticed the Self-help section. There you’ll find an array of insights to motivate people to do better in life packed into pages, bound and stacked neatly in rows. One of the items sold through these books is the Never-give-up attitude. It is the contention of the writers of these books, who fall under the category of successful people, is that the common people do not try hard enough to succeed. Indeed, most people do not try enough to make their dreams come true.

They give excuses and blame others and external circumstances for their lack of commitment. But Kinan Salameh does not believe in the blame game. Born with a handicap, into a family with a modest income, Kinan Salameh went ahead to achieve his dreams. Today, he is a successful entrepreneur, owning six companies, traveling around the world, and raising the bar in marketing and sales standards. Here he shares two key insights on how one can develop a positive attitude to make their dreams come true.

Biographies are better than self-help literature

Stories of successful people in history and their biographies give a wholesome view of life – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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According to Kinan Salameh, history is repeatable. Stories of great men in the past are a good source of insights into life, says Kinan. Stories of successful people in history and their biographies give a wholesome view of life – the good, the bad, and the ugly. This allows the reader to take in the information and make up their mind. The reader gets to view the story from various perspectives. This is a healthier approach to acquiring a never-give-up attitude, Says Kinan.

Life is bigger than ideologies

Why does one need a never-give-up attitude? it just an idea? Sometimes, an idea may not work even after spending time to bring it to life. Kinan says that it is not about an idea that one should be determined about. That would be a folly and short-sighted, he says. Each person should develop focus and determination to make their life meaningful. It is in this aspect that one’s determination must be strong. It is only common sense to give up on an idea that doesn’t work even after giving it your best. According to him getting too attached to an idea can be detrimental to one’s progress.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Kinan Samaleh’s straightforward approach in these two insights brings in a fresh perspective to the power of perseverance: There’s a lot to learn from history, and making one’s life meaningful is the noble pursuit above all else. We thank Kinan for sharing his thoughts and wish him all the very best.