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King Kodi

The business world has gone fully digital. As a result, today’s enterprising minds must learn to adapt to new business models and practices. Kodi is the Founder and CEO of "Build Your Online Business," a coaching company centered around teaching new entrepreneurs how to build and scale their online business, utilizing their brand. With a specialty in using 0% and low-interest credit to fund multiple companies and invest in the growth of their brand while maintaining independent location income. The product of such a business allows students to travel the world and live the life of their dreams, all while managing it from their mobile phone or laptop. In the words of Kodi, "After being a digital nomad since I was 20, I have curated a business model that is especially targeted at individuals who want to be entrepreneurs, but don't know where to start, what product to sell and are paralyzed by the plethora of business models that are available online currently."

Kodi King is an entrepreneur, businessman and business coach who is also considered somewhat a business nomad

Kodi King is an entrepreneur, businessman and business coach who is also considered somewhat a business nomad, considering the number of ventures he has involved himself in. He forayed into business right after dropping out of college because of his poor grades. 

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For Kodi, after dropping out, he was completely lost and had no purpose, no direction and no friends. Everyone he knew was "living their best life" on Facebook and Instagram, and he was there sitting in a house with seven other people -$25,00 in his bank account and $10,000 in credit card debt. He would go on to work at the grocery store where he barely made minimum wage for the better part of that year—at the same time saving every penny he could so he could pay off his debt. And while the job barely kept him afloat financially, he admitted that the plus side of the job allowed him to see different classes of people that care in and out of the store—especially the high net worth individuals. 

Driven by his obsession with achieving something of merit in his life, he started running an eCommerce business from his basement while working 12 hours a day at the grocery store. According to Kodi, he sold clothes on Shopify for a year before he hit 100k in total sales, which was when he realized that he had successfully built a home-based business from the basement of a shared house, ultimately paid off his debts and had about $7,000 in savings. In his words, "This was my first true taste of the power of the internet and opened my eyes to how people were creating income in this relatively new medium." Subsequently, he sold off the e-commerce business and re-invested the money into a marketing business, learning so much about running ads, filming video content and scaling businesses. He continued with this newfound business until his marketing business for Real Estate Agents and Brokers took off, and I did 200k in sales in 2018 even though he was the only employee. At this point, he realized that it was time to change his approach by devoting his life to helping other people. So, he founded the Build Your Online Business coaching program. 


On why he started the Build Your Online Business coaching program, Kodi said, "I started my business out of a need to reform the education system. The education system had failed people like me. Not in the traditional way people think; we are told that we have to have tons of money, extensive training, a family member that's an entrepreneur or some other wild thing to become a successful entrepreneur or even start our own business. But the thing is that none of these things are prerequisites to starting an online business. The only thing that you need is the drive to succeed."

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