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Kissa McCarty

Kissa McCarty, is a deeply motivated young woman who has a spreading influence that is just as impressive as she is. The ambitious 22-year-old social media influencer and full-time college student has a passion for fitness and travel. Since she gets to enjoy financial prosperity, Kissa feels like one of the biggest ways she can give back is by showing financial generosity to others. She has also done some additional volunteer community service by cooking at halfway homes. Kissa works across multiple online platforms, reaching as many people as she can. She believes in hard work and lives by that.

From the time Kissa was a little girl, practicing gymnastics embedded in her head that, through hard work, dedication, focus, and sacrifice, anything in life was achievable. She applies this mentality to all facets of her life. She attributes her success largely to this mentality. Kissa’s family also played a major role, particularly her grandmother who always displayed such great kindness and grace towards others. That energy really resonated with Kissa and impacted who she is.

With Kissa’s intrinsically independent personality, she started working as soon as she legally could at the age of 14. Kissa worked for a pizza franchise and became a manager at the age of 16. She practically worked full time throughout high school while still maintaining honors and AP classes. She made her first big purchase: a car. This expanded her horizons even more.

From the time Kissa was a little girl, practicing gymnastics embedded in her head that, through hard work, dedication, focus, and sacrifice, anything in life was achievable.

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Kissa decided to graduate high school early and pursued a degree in Electrical Engineering. During her Sophomore and Junior year of college, Kissa interned for a PCB (printed circuit boards) manufacturing company. Around the end of her Junior year in college, Kissa got reposted on @barstoolsmokeshows Instagram. That really kick-started her career in social media.

Kissa shares that she thinks “luck is just when preparation meets opportunity.” Social media gave her a chance to financially flourish and travel the world simultaneously. Since Kissa always felt like she sacrificed so much in high school, this boost felt like it was somehow the universe's way of rewarding her hard work. Now, Kissa is a senior in college graduating this spring.

Overnight, Kissa had thousands of followers from a @barstoolsmokeshows repost. It truly wasn't until this moment that she realized the magnitude of influence one can have and how lucrative the social media industry was. Kissa embraced it and figured this might just be what she was meant to do. Despite having faced criticism from friends and family, she has learned over time to not let others dictate how she lives her life.

Another pivotal moment was when she was standing on top of the Empire State Building, looking through the large glass windows and staring down at all the people that looked like insignificant specs. Standing up there made Kissa realize the true magnitude of how small we are. At that moment, her revelation was that if you truly want to be a person that leads, you have to go places where other people are too afraid to go.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

When Kissa first began her social media career, she put more weight on other people's perceptions of her, but her mindset has really evolved over time. It was definitely challenging, but in the end, she knows the people who truly love and support her will also support her path, not only her success. Kissa’s courage and grace shine through all that she shares with the world on her Instagram page. In the future, she hopes to diversify within the industry such as helping other influencers make their way in it, and practicing her new hobby of golfing!