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Many of us don’t know about the bail process and how a bail bond company can work for us to help us when we are arrested. The bail bond agent is the only hope for a person in jail who does not have enough money to get out of the jail.

Know About Bail Bond Companies

People contact the bail bond agent who works on their behalf. Most of the people don’t know how to find a right bail bond agent and how to pay him. It is very important for everyone rendering the services of Bail Bond Company to know about all these details.

What is bail process? How does it work?

Bail is the amount of money you are required to pay to the judge if you want to be released. Usually, the money is paid by the defendants of the person who has been arrested. The bail amount is not taken for anybody’s benefits.

The primary purpose of money bail is to make the defendant realize that he is accountable for showing himself him in court.

The defendant also realizes that he can’t skip the town and there is no way to escape the law. If he has to go to another state for any reason, he should ask the court for permission.

If someone does not afford the bail amount, he will have to sit in the jail and wait for the court date. In many states of America, those people who cannot pay the bail money have another option.

They can hire a bail bond agent who can post bail on their behalf. Here it should also be remembered that not everyone gets the bail. If someone has committed a serious crime like murder or terrorism, the hiring the bail bond agent is not going to work.

Who is a bail bond agent?

A bail bond agent is a professional person who helps you in getting you or your loved one out of jail quickly and effortlessly. You are required to pay the fee to the bail agent, or you can give your collateral.

After receiving the fee, the bail bond agent starts working for you to get released from the jail. There is also a variety of payment plans offered by bail bond agent.

You should carefully look into all payment plans before you choose any of them. Make sure that the payment you select is suitable for your financial conditions.

The bail bond agents are considered to be very helpful for all those people who have been arrested and don’t have enough money to post the bail. There are some important things that everyone is required to know before they start rendering the services of any bail bond company or any bail bond agent.

It is imperative to have a bail plan in place before you get into such a situation. Here are five basic things you should know about the bail bond companies

1. You may not have to consult any bail bond company:

If you or anybody related to you has been arrested and the offense is very minor, you will not be required to pay the bail amount. There are some cases in which the jury of the country does not ask the defendant to pay the bail amount.

Sometimes, they ask you to sign a document that requires you to promise that you will appear on every court date and will not commit that crime again

So, if you know that your offense is very minor, you are not needed to get the assistance of any bail bond agent. This will help you save a lot of money. Before you decide which bail bond agent or company to choose, you should wait for the court to determine the bail amount you have to pay.

Whether you are needed to pay the bail or not depends on the charges. For example, if you are a first time offender or you have not committed the violent crime, you are most likely to be released without paying the bail amount.

2. You may not find bail bond company in your locality:

There are different areas in the United States, where no bail bond agent works such as Washington D.C. Since the job of bail bond agents is like a private lending company, they are restricted in certain states of US.

Using bail bonds in order to get rid of the arrest is not always very simple. Sometimes, you have to pay different types of bonds if you really want to come of the jail.

So, if you are in the state where the bail bond agent is not allowed to work, you will not be able to get the services and you will have to pay the entire bail amount in cash.

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3. You can find different types of bail bonds offered by bail bond companies:

Using bail bonds in order to get rid of the arrest is not always very simple. Sometimes, you have to pay different types of bonds if you really want to come of the jail. Basically, there are three types of bonds

  • Cash bond:

You have to pay the money in the form of cash and when you appear on court date, you get back some of the paid money.

  • Surety bond:

In this type of bond, you can co-sign other people. These types of bonds are for those people who can’t afford to pay the bail amount and need time to pay it off.

  • Property bond:

This property bond is for those people who have to pay a relatively large amount of bail money. It should be ensured that the price of the property is equal to the bail amount to be paid. The property should also be in the same state where you have been arrested

4. Paying in portions by hiring a bail bond agent saves you financially

When you have been arrested, the only way for you to get released is to pay the cash bail. Paying the cash may ruin your entire financial life.

Hiring the bail bond agent can save you from paying the whole amount rather it requires you to pay the portion of the total amount. This comes with less risk and saves you financially.

Paying in portions can also be risky for you in some situations. For example, if you don’t appear in for the court date, you will lose all the money that you have paid. The court will not refund the paid money.

Hiring the bail bonds agent can help you by posting the bail for you. There is no risk associated with your financial life when you have hired a bail bond agent to post bail on your behalf. It is always advisable to hire a bail bond agent to avoid any risk.

5. Showing yourself up on the court date is not enough:

Many people believe that the only requirement you have to meet after getting freed from the jail is to make your appearance possible on every court date.

However, it is not true. There are lots of other things that a person is required to do such as getting admission in a drug education program, not skipping the town until the court decides and a lot more.

If the arrestee does not follow all these things, it is more likely that the bail bond signed by the arrestee will be on risk and the bail bond company will have the right to take the collateral of the arrestee.

6. Collateral is not just property:

Many people hold themselves accountable to appear in the on the court date by using collateral. This is usually when the services of the bail bond company have been availed. A person can offer collateral of different types such as jewellery, car, bank balance or any other thing.

If you don’t want to provide any collateral, you can simply pay the surety bond in which you will have to pay the percentage of bail amount to be paid.

Getting the services of bail bond companies is very beneficial for people who want to get out of the jail as soon as possible without facing any financial difficulty. Los Angeles Bail Bonds also work the same way by helping the arrestee in getting released from prison.

7. A bail bond is not a free card to get out of jail:

Many people think that they are entirely free when they come to the jail. However, it is not the case. The bail bond is just a promise not to commit the crime again. You will have to appear on different court hearings which will not allow you to move to other states for any reason.

Moreover, since you have already been arrested once on committing a crime, committing that crime again when you are on bail can make the situation worse for you.

Knowing the details about the bail bond companies will be helpful for you in choosing the right company according to the situation. It will also be useful for you to know the bail process which is very important to be known.

Jennifer Carson