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From Miss American Princess to Performing Arts: The Motivating Story of the Dynamic Entertainer and Businesswoman Kristen Terry

Kristen Terry

We call them 'Beauty with Brains,' and they illustrate that this phrase accurately describes their persona in its own right!

Every year, America's premier beauty pageant, Miss American Princess, provides the country with a sense of pride by recognizing three stunning girls with extraordinary potential. There are specific epitomes among them that frankly explain that this crown is not just for winning a beauty pageant but for empowering generations by continuing to labor. Kristen Terry was one Miss American Princess.

Kristen won the pageant at age seven which was her first pageant ever. She played the violin. And since then has been unstoppable.

From age 7, Kristen began to create her first stage performance, dancing and producing music. Afterward, she even received a scholarship to dance with the state dance school. She performed in many productions and was interviewed by the local news outlets for her incredulous performances.

While her path to the performing arts started, Kristen Terry had to give up on her athletic endeavors. The young dancer incurred her first injury at age 17. But unlike most of us, Kristen self-healed by learning how to do specific stretches and strengthening exercises to heal her body slowly. 

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Kristen's thirst for learning has always remained unquenched and made her vie for more.

Kristen learned about her body through countless injuries as a performer. Alongside, she auditioned for off-broadway musicals and starred in every one of them. As a dancer who could sing and act, Kristen was in love with the stage and the creative process that ensued.

Kristen's thirst for learning has always remained unquenched and made her vye for more. She first learned Spanish when she was just 17 to dance. After receiving a scholarship, she was accepted to a college in Miami, FL, shortly after.

When Kristen earned her first position as an instructor and teacher for the International Latin Ballroom and Salsa Federation, she improved her Spanish. Her first production deal with a record label to sing and dance came as a result of this, and she was able to use it in many of her shows. Kristen was still on a full academic scholarship, studying as a bright college student, working full-time, and performing as an artist at this period.

Kristen's dedication, hard work, and learning led her to a career in the arts and entertainment industry in Los Angeles, then to Asia, where she worked in film, theater, and television.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

With a desire to play her part in making the world a better place with whatever she can, Kristen indeed shows the power of a determined and driven woman.