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Families, social affiliations, and other group settings or interactions define people and their values because they teach people how to behave in various situations while offering valuable life lessons. People develop numerous skills, perceptions, and opinions from their social affiliations, but families profoundly affect their values and beliefs. Family units’ influence perceptions and values because people spend the most time with their families during childhood and adolescence. Most people learn the fundamental skills of leading healthy and happy lives from their parents. Families also help people during challenging times by offering an effective support system.

Many rely on their parents or siblings for basic chores and activities because family members provide guidance and support throughout their lives. However, overreliance or overdependence on particular relationships can adversely affect a person’s outlook and autonomy. Many people lose their self-confidence and self-sufficiency because their parents or families prevent them from making decisions independently. However, relying excessively on families and other relationships involves several pitfalls and consequences. People cannot work or function if they rely excessively on others to complete even minor tasks. Over controlling and manipulative parents also create problems for their children and families by preventing them from living and working independently without others’ help or support.

Manipulative or over controlling relationships and their effects on people influenced Kyle Washington to write a book on the topic. Washington is an author and corporate executive who loves traveling, meeting new people, and listening to their stories. People’s experiences and stories about their relationships were the primary inspiration for the Empty Calories novel by Washington. He is originally from Houston, Texas, and is the youngest of five children. Washington raised his children as a single parent while working for a major corporation. His unique penmanship is evident throughout his book, where he uses captivating words and a fascinating storyline to keep readers engaged.

The book highlights how a manipulative and controlling mother destroys the lives of her family by weakening their autonomy and self-sufficiency. The novel follows the Peak family as the father and his five children attempt to steer their way through life’s complexities after the death of the family’s matriarch, Ellie Peak. She is an American Senator, a manipulative wife, and a mother of five children. She is a successful career woman with solid values and principles. However, Ellie controls the entire family, making them over dependent on her for all tasks and decisions. The family’s downfall starts when Ellie dies, and the father and five children are left to tackle life’s complexities. Kyle Washington illustrates how overreliance on a single person or relationship can adversely affect people’s lives.

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Depending on parents, friends, and other individuals to complete even the most mundane tasks or following other people’s instructions may offer a sense of comfort and ease. However, overreliance on others involves numerous pitfalls and consequences, especially when people do not have others to turn to or helping hands are no longer available. Kyle Washington’s empty calories book highlights how relationships like manipulative parents end up destroying their children and families rather than providing a conducive environment for self-sufficiency and independence. The book has an intriguing storyline with all elements of a riveting novel, including drama, power, violence, love, lust, lies, and exploitation.

Kyle Washington refers to devoid and meaningless relationships using the empty calories metaphor, where people consume food with no or minimum nutritional value. Washington implies that people eat a filling and fulfilling food item that does not offer real nutritional value. The same principle applies to relationships that seem valuable but do not offer real significance or meaning to people’s lives. The book provides insights into how people should avoid meaningless relationships that do not offer any real value to their lives. Washington uses the storyline to give valuable advice for developing and keeping relationships.

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Washington started writing after working in a Fortune 500 company because of his passion for writing and illustrating interesting topics through his unique penmanship. His interest in meeting new people and listening to their stories about life and relationships inspired him to write the Empty Calories novel. He interacted with people who did not have control over their lives or decisions due to a relationship with a manipulative individual. Washington titled the novel Empty Calories to represent the meaningless relationships in people’s lives that seem valuable but do not offer any real meaning or worth.

Empty Calories is a must-read novel!

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