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Lakeisha Marion

Lakeisha Marion, best-selling author of 'From Tragedy to Triumph' seeks to empower and help women achieve their monetary potential. Her best-selling book chronicles Lakeisha Marion's personal journey and how she overcame her daily problems, sought her purpose, and discovered God's direction, grace, and mercy.

She has both professional and personal experience in the financial sector, as well as expertise in wealth creation. She's eager to support women in becoming people of high credit scores, high net worth, successful, and debt-free. She particularly encourages them to adopt entrepreneurship and real estate investment because this is her sure-fire approach to financial independence.

She knows she has a unique advantage in being able to assist because of her personal experiences. She rose from being a surgical technician to becoming the first millionaire in her family by putting in hard effort and dedication.

Lakeisha Marion has restored her seven-figure real estate portfolio after having had seven foreclosure sales, and she's done it with aplomb.

Lakeisha has restored her seven-figure real estate portfolio after having had seven foreclosure sales, and she's done it with aplomb. As an expert in real estate investing and wealth management, Lakeisha generates several high-income streams. She distributes information and methods to people all around the world through her website.

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Lakeisha is confident in her abilities to help anybody, regardless of their background. She didn't grow up in a wealthy family. She has made and lost money, but she never lets failure or mistakes get the best of her. Lakeisha learned from her experiences and became a winner. She shares that attitude with everyone she meets. Today, Lakeisha has a mission to empower women financially because it's a cause close to her heart.

Not only she understands the subject of money creation, but she also has empathy for people who are perplexed about their financial issues and have a poor money IQ. That used to be her life. Lakeisha can really relate to women wanting a better future, in that she too had wanted something greater for herself. She can collaborate with them and assist them so they can lead their best life right now.

Lakeisha's Wealthy Women's Winning Circle Academy is a one-of-a-kind mentorship program. She strives to help women raise their financial intelligence and net worth while also educating them on how to make sound real estate investments.

She is skilled in wealth management, business ethics, design thinking, identifying opportunities, trust-building, goal setting, high cash flow concepts and how to manage risk. She uses her Academy to help women achieve their fullest potentials by imparting all the wisdom she has gained over time.

She doesn't stop there, though. She provides leadership development training, personal wealth tactics, financial literacy workshops, confidence-building sessions, and real-time success classes, among other things, for the members of her academy. She has taught and mentored more than 25,000 women through her unique method. Lakeisha also organizes quarterly getaway retreats with the intention to help women improve in all areas of their life.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Lakeisha shares her story to especially inspire, empower, educate, and equip women all over the world. This is her method of showing everyone that they have the power within them and that when they unleash it, they can accomplish their greatest ambitions because she believes all things are possible with God.