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Lala Inuti Ahari

The Conjure is a spiritual candle company founded by Lala Inuti Ahari in 2019. It aims to free people from the negative energy that impacts their emotional and mental wellbeing. The founder now has a massive fan base growing every day due to The Conjure’s products. She believes that conjuring and hoodoo are slowly gaining popularity, and it’s showing in the form of support that The Conjure is getting from customers. We are here today with the founder of The Conjure, Lala Inuti Ahari. 

Q: Mrs. Ahari, thank you for speaking to us today. Can you walk us through how your business became popular just three years after its launch? 

A: First of all, a big thank you for inviting me. Most people would think you were doing something illegal if you said you created the success The Conjure has in under three years. I have to give credit to my ancestors, spiritual team and Damballah Wedo. I became this successful because I practice what I teach. I am authentic in what I do, and I am my biggest fan of my work. I had spiritual intervention on this journey and am thankful for all of them. Outside of that, strategic marketing, planning, and a lot of hard work is also how I did it. Having my family’s support and dedication to my vision was also key. Not everyone has someone that believes in them, and it does make a difference. I wanted this so bad, I turned off the TV, isolated myself, and it became my air. I woke and went to sleep thinking about The Conjure. It was on my heart, my mind, and a part of my soul’s purpose to take this journey. It hasn’t always been easy, but I never gave up or turned my back on my customers. When I got discouraged, I remembered why I started it and for who, and that gave me more drive and power to continue. I really want people to win, and it became a passion, the popularity was just a bonus. 

Q: Can you give us an idea about the growth of your business in the last couple of years? 

A: The first year of The Conjure I got an overwhelming response from customers. We ended 2019 with gross revenue of $1.5 million. Even with the lockdown and fear of the pandemic, the following year, we managed to make $6.5 million in revenue. As we are nearing the end of 2021 The Conjure is now an eight-figure business in revenue annually in just under three years of business. The growth has been explosive and continues to rise as I expand. 

Q: How did the pandemic affect your business, and how did you overcome those obstacles? 

One of the significant challenges that my business faced during the pandemic was delays in shipping, not only for my customers but for my business also.

A: One of the significant challenges that my business faced during the pandemic was delays in shipping, not only for my customers but for my business also. I decided to stay open during the pandemic and it was not easy getting supplies. I improvised a lot and still couldn’t always get what I needed delivered on time, everything shipped at a snail’s pace. One silver lining was the continued patience and support my customers gave me. They knew my integrity was solid and understood the process. I didn’t lose hope and quickly adapted. I made the necessary changes and dealt with the delays professionally. I quickly started working with a fulfillment center that has been amazing to my process and was very vital in helping us get caught up. I also expanded my warehouses, and now have two. 

Q: How do you handle life as a full-time entrepreneur? 

A: I learned to delegate and departmentalize. As an entrepreneur it is easy to want to do it all. I initially had a problem with delegating because I wanted to control and run everything to my liking. I can be a serious perfectionist, so it was hard to allow someone else to touch my process. I learned that to continue growing at the pace I was I had to share the responsibility with someone that I trusted. That is when my family started playing a big part. When that worked everything got a lot smoother…until I grew bigger. Then I had to make the decision to get a personal executive assistant. I got an amazing assistant that takes a lot of the phone/email and personal task off my hands. This frees me up to be more creative, continue to perfect my alchemy, and continue to work on myself and find new ways to reach more people through The Conjure. 

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Q: Now that your business is doing so well, do you enjoy the limelight? 

A: I am the same person to people than I was when I started. I didn’t come from wealth, but I was always well off. My 17-year career had me making six figures before I quit. Money isn’t new to me, so I had nothing to prove when I gained it. I often get told that people appreciate me treating them like a person, because people with money usually don’t. I came into this with the same morals and values I was raised with. I believe you can learn something from anybody. I am proud of myself, true to myself, and humbled by the success and favor spirit and God have given me. So much so that I want it for everyone else. I handle the limelight by shining it on others. 

Q: What do you do when you come across people who doubt your profession? 

A: There will always be naysayers, close-minded people, and doubters, but that doesn’t deter me from fulfilling my passion. You can be selling shoestrings, and someone will call them ugly. These people exist, every entrepreneur has them. I ignore their comments and try to educate them if it’s possible. I think most people who doubt my profession don’t know what spirituality is and how it works. There are a lot of “internet witches” that don’t practice, study, or devote, and create false narratives about others online. I don’t look to others to validate who I am; and I never have. Most of these people are just projecting their own fears and lack of knowledge onto others. Putting someone down to make them look bigger. What they don’t know is that when you’re actually on top of your game, you know it. You don’t have to convince anyone of it. It’s known. I always told my daughters, confidence is quiet. But there will always be the laws of polarity. I create something beautiful which means the opposite will also exist. There are people that don’t know me and love me, therefore there will also be people that don’t know me and dislike me. There are tens of thousands of lives that have changed by my work, which is more than the dislike so that’s a good balance. It’s a universal law that one doesn’t exist without the other, so it’s inevitable (as above so below). I understand, and know who I am. That is more powerful than anyone’s words about what I do. I keep it moving regardless and so do my daughters in this field.

Q: What advice would you give someone unsure if people are interested in their business passion project? 

A: A lot of entrepreneurs feel that their business ideas are not unique enough to make money. If you are unsure about your business, you should always get back to thinking of the time when you had decided to start the business in the first place. It’s your passion that led you to start the business. Once you remember that, keep working towards it. Find out who will benefit from your company’s products and services, and then start chalking out a plan to target that specific audience. Work with other creators that can help you market your brand in the best way. Here is a free nugget. Marketing is a big part of finding your audience and an even bigger part of your business’s success. If your products are visual Instagram or TikTok work better. Find your market on social media and follow them. Once they see your page they will follow back, because they’re your target audience and will be more interested in the products you are selling. Follow the engaging audience on other pages, this helps you know who is most likely going to engage and buy. Stay active. Social media is free marketing, but you must stay active to stay relevant. 

Q: What do you plan to do next? 

A: Continue the fight, to awaken more people. I love business also, so I may have another one up my sleeve soon. Most importantly, I want people to change their lives by paying attention to their spiritual health. Watching people create better lives for themselves, break generational curses and get back to their roots is my goal. 

Q: Tell us how your followers can connect to you or The Conjure on social media. 

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

A: By visiting also people can follow me on Instagram at @conjuredhoodoo and @official.lalaahari or The Conjure Family on YouTube. I am proud to say that we have over 2.5 million views on our YouTube channel. You can find my spelled products, my Conjure rituals, The Conjure Academy where I teach, and my online forum of over 20K members at 

It was lovely talking to you, Mrs. Ahari. We wish you and The Conjure continued success for years to come.