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The forex trading craze is now a global phenomenon, driven by improvements in technology, the advent of smartphones and tablets, and an increase in social media activity. These factors have driven advertising of forex trading and forex products to some of the highest levels ever seen since the 1990s.

The last 10 years have seen a lot of internet penetration, which has seen penetration of forex into regions of the world that had never heard of this 5-letter word for the first time. However, the forex market is also a place where there is a lot of geographical inequality. Where things are an easy breeze for traders in some countries, in others, they present all kinds of challenges.

Trading is banned in specific countries such as Iran, Pakistan, Malaysia and countries with strict Sharia laws. Laotrading, a leading provider and innovator of CFD trading is set to allow Iran, Pakistan, and a host of other nations where trading is banned completely or restricted to trade without fear of sanctions.

Laotrading Company was founded on the belief that all people should be able to freely trade, regardless of their political standing, country or religious beliefs.

LaoTrading wants the world trading without fear of sanctions or other issues that might compromise their ability to do so. They want to allow people from sanctioned countries to trade currency with no fear of being sanctioned by their own governments, including Forex and Cryptocurrencies.

The company is working with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, World Bank and other agencies to ensure good trading experience for all and also allow Iran, Pakistan, and other restricted countries to trade forex without fear of sanctions.

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This exciting new initiative is the direct result of the CFTC and other agencies in the partnership with trading giant Laotrading, providing important economic stability to previously blockaded countries.

Laotrading is not only known for trading but also for a long history of providing banking services to all clients over the world, including those from Iran and other countries with trading or forex sanctions. Laotrading offers a wide range of products and services that include forex trading, CFD trading, cash management services, treasury management services, wealth management services and other financial products.

Note that, Laotrading has always operated and is still operating as a completely decentralized company without restrictions, Laotrading operates in a way that feels like you're part of an extended family not just an account holder. The platform is fully-decentralized and has no restrictions on where you can trade or the location you can trade from.

The Laotrading markets offer different Financial markets at the same time. It offers clients one of the largest product catalogs available in the online forex brokerage community. Clients can be able to trade up to 10,000 instruments, which opens up many new opportunities, especially with longer-term portfolio managers.

Globally, Laotrading offers clients access to an extensive range of offerings that spans a multitude of asset classes. Clients have access to forex, indices, shares, commodities, cryptocurrencies, bonds, ETFs, options, industry sectors, and interest rates.

As stated above, Laotrading is a completely decentralized trading platform without restrictions. The company is compliant with all the rules involved with providing trading services to clients. However it is not controlled by any central authority, and our users are in full control of their funds, trades, and personal data. This implies that clients from countries such as Iran, Palestine and other countries where trading is banned or restricted can trade freely and can access financial and banking services without fear of sanctions.

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Iran, Palestine and other countries sometimes have sanctions put on their access to financial markets. These sanctions mean that they don't get a fair chance to trade currencies and cryptocurrencies. At Laotrading, we believe that openness and freedom are the key values for impactful trading experience. We want to provide our clients with the best possible conditions for trading, so they can make their own decisions and take control of their lives.