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Whether you live in Los Angeles County, California or not, you may be interested to know which companies employ the most workers. Who knows, you may be interested in relocating to this area for a new opportunity. If so, you are in luck. A list of the largest employers in the county is listed in the article below.

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County of Los Angeles

The County of Los Angeles, located in the metropolitan area of Los Angeles, has a population of 9,818,605 million (2010), making it the second most populous U.S. county. With such a large population to oversee, the demands for county officials is very overwhelming. To fulfill the needs of the people, it is necessary for the County to hire approximately 107,000 employees. This makes the County, the largest employer.

Los Angeles County continues to grow. New online casinos, such as Slot Joker123, are relocating their headquarters to Los Angeles County. For people who enjoy playing the slots in their downtime will frequently visit the area and try their luck at winning. Slots are one of the most popular games that casinos have to offer. Manufacturing facilities, fast food restaurants and retail stores are also popping up everywhere.

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente, a company that specializes in healthcare, has reported having more than 12 million health plan members. To meet the demand of the members, Kaiser employees 37,400 workers. The workers. As the company continues to expand into other states, the need for a larger workforce will not be too far away.

Disneyland Park

You can imagine just how magical the place is and it is equally as magical for the citizens of Los Angeles.

Everyone has no doubt heard one time or another that Disneyland is the most magical place on earth. You probably even remember when athletes would break world records and stars would be honored with awards for an awe-inspiring performance. Afterward, they were asked what they were going to do next and they would simply reply with, “I’m going to Disneyland.” You can imagine just how magical the place is and it is equally as magical for the citizens of Los Angeles. Disneyland located in Anaheim has been open since 1955 and now currently employees more than 20,000 Californians. These are both part-time and full-time employees and the park host more than 15 million tourists each year. This might be impressive, but it is nowhere near as impressive as what slots are doing for online gambling. People love the online animations and are willing to spend hours playing such a lucrative game.

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California Department of Transportation

Just look at California on a map and you will see that it is huge. In fact, it is the longest state in the United States. It might not be the state with the most volume, but it is without a don’t the longest, which means that it will take longer to get from one end of the state to the other. You can imagine what kind of tasks the transportation department has in front of it. This is why the department is so vast and requires more than 15,000 individuals to keep the system running. The department of transportation is oftentimes referred to as Caltrans and they are based out of Sacramento where they monitor the state’s highway and public transportation systems. They are granted a $14 billion budget each year.

Nestle USA

There is no mistaking that the world is in need of a huge health kick. It is also true that most California residents and companies are the ones to make the first push forward. Maybe it as something to do with the overexposure to the sun. Maybe it has something to do with being located on the west coast. Whatever the situation is, it seems like more and more California residents are trying to get healthy. This is probably why the offices of Glendale employee more than 13,000 individuals. Nestle is a corporation that thrives on nutrition, health, and wellness.

University Of California, San Francisco

With such a vast and competitive business world, you probably already have some kind of ideal how the California college systems are going to be. They are just as equally competitive and thrive to pump out the next major CEO or world leader. This is exactly why the University of California is one of the biggest employers in Los Angeles. The locals know the campus as UCSF and it is devoted solely to educating some of the greatest minds of your time. They are also highly noted for being ranked among the top research-oriented universities in the nation. When you combine this with the campus’s natural beauty, you are looking at one serene setting that will offer the education of a lifetime.

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