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During this unprecedented and uncertain period in our history, now more than ever individuals with disabilities might need additional support.

Legal Disability Advocates

COVID 19 is, unfortunately, dominating issues about our workplaces and social infrastructure. It is even in some cases impacting homes and residences. People with disabilities will need somebody in their corner to fight for their cause.

This is where legal disability advocates come in. Their job is crucial in helping disabled people get what they deserve in terms of access, proper infrastructure, and protocol.

In this article, we will detail why legal disability advocates are essential in the age of the coronavirus.

If you think that you may need intervention or legal support, don't delay on reaching out. Your health and welfare are paramount.

Everybody should be allowed to live and work in an environment that is safe and adequate for their individual needs.

The main and most successful type of disability advocates that support the disabled is legal disability advocates.

Legal disability advocates are primarily concerned with the legal aspects of disability rights. They are trained lawyers and professionals who litigate and challenge the law on behalf of their client or organization.

Legal disability advocates are using the law and the legal system to challenge existing legislation or to progress the conversation further in a positive way for their clients. This may be to do with monetary settlements, amending a policy or holding employers to account.

There are other types of disability advocates, but they will not have the same level of expertise or training as legal disability advocates.

Litigation and legislation concerning disability rights can be a complex and laborious process. You will want a representative that knows the law inside out so that they can facilitate the correct outcome for you.

Disability advocates are needed and required for a whole number of different reasons. Issues and problems can arise in terms of employment, education, technology, religion, healthcare, and housing.

This is why it is important to have and seek out these disability advocates so that everyone can live unimpeded by restrictions and maintain a decent standard of living.

Take, for example, a young college student who has mobility issues and uses a wheelchair to transport themselves around campus. What if this student is forced to take classes in a building that has no access for wheelchairs? And what if their college refuses to accommodate them?

Or perhaps an employee is unfairly dismissed as a result of a medical or health condition they have no control over. Or they are forced to miss work as a result of their disability, and they are unfairly discriminated against.

What if you are living in a building that doesn't provide safe or accurate access to your home? Or if they refuse to widen doors or you can't fit through corridors?

All of these problems would be eligible for intervention by a disability advocate. If you are experiencing matters that are personally affecting your everyday life, it is something to seriously consider.

The Coronavirus and Disability

Nobody could have predicted how the events of 2020 were going to play out. It is an unsettling and uncomfortable time for us all. We are worried about our loved ones whilst trying to push away feelings of isolation and feeling alone.

This is an emotion that is even heightened for individuals with disabilities. The sad reality is that most of the world was not really for a global pandemic. The US has done what it can to protect and provide for its citizens, but there is still a lot more which needs to be done.

Work environments, shopping, and food outlets are struggling to maintain the level of safety and social distancing required to keep everyone healthy and safe. This is a problem that is potentially even worse for people with disability requirements and needs.

Are your employers not providing you with the correct PPE equipment if you are in a customer-facing role? If you have mobility issues, are the new social distancing rules allowing you to move comfortably around your work environment?

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What if you think your employer has acted negligently with the coronavirus outbreak? And perhaps you might have even lost your job as a result of it.

It is no secret that coronavirus is proving more fatal to people with preexisting and underlying health conditions. With this, people in the more at risks groups, surely employers should be taking this into consideration, but unfortunately, this isn't always the case.

What To Do Next?

If you feel that you have, in some way, been discriminated against in the past few months as a result of the coronavirus, there are some simple and easy steps you can take.

Even existing legislation will not be completely caught up to the 'new normal' and the world we are currently living in. This is why it's so important that you reach out to a legal disability advocate to see what they can do to help.

You might be struggling to pay the rent or have dependents that rely on you to look after them. You might have mounting debts or fear that you might end up losing your home through no fault of your own.

Some outlets show that 22 million people in the US have been affected or have lost their jobs because of COVID-19 and this number continues to rise.

Even just small changes to your life might be needed for you to adapt and comfortably cope with what we are currently facing.

Does It Cost Any Money?

The short answer is no, hiring a legal disability advocate shouldn't usually cost you any money upfront.

Especially if you have been financially affected by the coronavirus outbreak in any way, shelling out additional costs for lawyers fees on top of that might be impossible for you to do.

Legal disability advocates usually take a small percentage of any payouts or settlements you do end up winning. This is something you can discuss with the legal disability advocate in further detail when you are further along in the legal process.

It's worth noting that lawsuits and civil suits take a lot longer than you think to resolve and worked through to their completion. The common misconception is that things like this can be solved easily and quickly.

This is often not the case, not to mention the legal system now having to adapt to all new changes as a result of the coronavirus and safety.

This is why it is important to take action as fast as you can. Seek out a legal disability advocate today and begin the legal process. Take back control of your life and demand fairness for you.

If you are a legal disability advocate and are looking to try and reach the people that need your help and expertise, look no further.

Trying to find potential clients can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Sometimes it's difficult to know where to start. Often half the battle can be trying to find the right clients to represent. The lawyer part seems pretty easy in comparison!

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Where Can I Find Out More About Disability Advocates?

We hope this article has given you a taster of what to expect if you think you might be in a situation where you require a disability advocate.

It's important to remember that you shouldn't feel alone or unsupported if you are experiencing hardship as a direct result of your disability. Access the right help for you today, now more than ever, you might need additional support from disability advocates.

The Coronavirus outbreak is still set to disrupt our country and its systems for an unprecedented amount of time. It is essential that you are given the correct tools and environments to carry on living normally as best as you can.

Also, if you are a legal disability advocate yourself and are looking to grow your client base or find some stellar leads, then make sure you check out an attorney-client leads website. Also, make sure to grow your leads using a reliable lead generation company.

To find out more about all facets of advocating and U.S. law, make sure to take a look through previous posts on our website.