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Gay and lesbian wedding is on the high rise, and not without good reason. The world is adjusting to it, and the United States takes lead. But while hosting a lesbian wedding ceremony is fun and exciting, it's not less stressful in any sense.

Lesbian Wedding

Lesbian wedding ideas are almost the same as straight wedding ideas. A vivid example is the incorporation of traditional wedding ring vows. But they have peculiarities of their own which makes them all the more beautiful. Yet, from lesbian wedding suits to the décor, then we have lesbian engagement photo ideas, and all, there's you don't know.

So, ahead, you'd find 7 things you didn't know about planning lesbian marriages.

It's impossible to have matching wedding dresses

Preparing to host a lesbian wedding pretty soon and thinking it's a walk in the park? Let's tell you a few things you don't know about planning a lesbian wedding.

It's only a dress, one might think, but these are the issues. With over four million parades of whites, you'd be lucky to find three that match. So, if a lesbian couple is hell-bent on getting matching lesbian dresses for wedding. Prepare to accept similarities dresses and not the same. There are beautiful compliments of ivory, beige and whites to choose from. You'd still look breathtaking, but it can be heartbreaking.

Suits can kill your vibe too

Say the couple can't find matching dresses, and one of them decides to go with a suit. That's another shocker to deal with. Suits are well designed using the man's body as a model. And that includes broad shoulder, slim torsos, and lean hips. Compare that to the woman's hourglass figure and full hips. A lady may not look as fly as she imagined. But not to worry, get an expert designer to make out custom lesbian wedding suits tailored for you. And the problem gets solved.

Bridesmaids scrapped

Some hearts will get broken because the norm was to have bridesmaids and groomsmen. But at these weddings, there's nothing like lesbian bridesmaids or groomsmen. Everybody are bridesmaids and groomsmen. If you want to have a party, invite everyone and have for. There's no gender job designation. Everyone at the party is Equal and are quite entitled to have as much fun as the next. This is 2019!

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No fuss about decorations

Lesbian wedding decorations aren't like straight wedding decorations. There's no fuss about what's color or type of florals to use. Daisies, roses, peonies or tulips aren't the main catch of the day. Heavy chandeliers and shiny lights, cute place cards, and divine centerpieces don't matter. The couples are in love and happy about being together at last. And that's all that matters. So, don't be utterly surprised to see a simple signage that shows all the day's activities. The couple can also incorporate some of the things they are sentimental about. Wedding decor for lesbians ranges from the simple to quirky, funny, and witty. But unlike decorations, there's no compromise on the bridal box. There are two brides who must pamper themselves before the wedding. So yeah, a lot of fuss like in straight weddings.

Family troubles

This should be the most emotional part of planning a lesbian wedding. Sorting out the guest list is as hard as it is in a straight wedding. One has to invite A, B, C, and D, as failure to do that will earn your enemies for a lifetime. But it gets worse because unlike straight weddings there are family members who don't accept attending gay weddings. This could be due to religious beliefs or personal convictions. You don't know that they will change their minds or not. So, send everyone and invite and include a clause to attend, only if comfortable. Solves it!

Expenses are over the roof

If one expects gay weddings to be cheaper than straight weddings, you're a dreamer. The case would've been better if it was like straight weddings where the bride’s parents pay. But who is the bride in this case? We wish you luck with getting an answer.

Gay couples will pay their way through the wedding and with no help most times. But the good news is that there could be huge discounts from some vendors. Yes, if lesbian couples meet vendors that are accepting or pro-Gay, lots of discounts go down.

The legalities

We are in good times at the moment and thankful for that. And as far as the United States is well concerned, gay marriage is legal. This was not the case many years ago, as gay couples couldn't get a marriage license. So yes, it's legal in the United States, and many other countries are following suit.

Are you having a lesbian wedding soonest? Now you know the downsides and are more informed. Live your best life!

Olga Reznikova