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The world of digital marketing is growing exponentially. In Switzerland, Liridon Vrapca has managed to overcome the obstacles and become the leading digital marketing expert. The credit of his status goes to his everlasting love for technology.

Liridon Vrapca

The owner of Wakrs, Vrapca has been recognized among the top 3 digital marketing experts in Switzerland. His growing online presence and unique digital marketing solutions have led to his career receiving a big boost in the past years. Vrapca aims to become the best social media expert, and owing to his technology love and software developing skills, we all doubt that there will be any impediment in reaching the stature desired by him.

Born in Switzerland, Vrapca completed his bachelor degree from University of business and technology. He currently works as a software developer and social networker. Vrapca lived in Switzerland for only 9 years after his birth and moved to Kosovo for 17 years. The 29-year-old is currently residing in Germany and gaining expertise as a software developer. Vrapca used to work with computers since an early age, and today, he is certified in more than 15 fields related to computer and technology.

Vrapca’s whole life has been a part of technology, which justifies his expertise in different technical computing areas. Starting at an early age of 11, Vrapca never stopped loving technology and experimenting with it. Today with these skills and knowledge, he is reaching new heights not only in Switzerland but also in Germany where he currently works. Vrapca has a huge social media presence. He is present on all platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tiktok. He made his official presence through iPhone Tweaks, an online social media page which runs by imparting technology-related information to the users. Vrapca’s love for technology can be highlighted in these social media accounts, where the expertise is mixed with the new generation stability.

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Vrapca is a promising individual in technology work. He continues to enrich his expertise by adding new skills, and in the young age of 29, he has managed to become on the best in his field in Switzerland, his home country. In no time, we expect him to become a global expert in digital marketing.