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Living Room with Multiple Doors

Residents of private houses and apartments in modern high-rise buildings often have a living room with multiple doors and windows. A room with two windows is also obtained when part of the apartment is reconstructed into a studio. The design of the living room with two windows has its own characteristics. To create a harmonious family environment, you need to maximize the benefits of a room with plenty of sunlight.

How to choose windows and doors?

If you decide to make a large-scale renovation in an apartment or limit yourself to updating one room, you will probably think about replacing the door leaf with a more modern one. But choosing an interior door is not such an easy task as it might seem at first glance. The interior door market is diverse and it is easy to make a mistake by choosing an unsuitable design or a short-lived model. So the main question is how to choose windows and doors?

The interior door market is diverse and it is easy to make a mistake by choosing an unsuitable design or a short-lived model.

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When choosing doors and windows, most people already roughly imagine what color they will be: light or dark, under furniture or floor, white or wenge. But when it comes time to make the final decision and choose one color from many similar shades, doubts arise.

So here are the general rules on how to choose the colors of the doors:

  • First of all, you need to focus on the general style of your apartment.
  • If all rooms are different in style, then first of all we focus on the hall, hallway, living room. All interior doors in one design will help harmonize the perception of the interior as a whole.
  • For small rooms, light shades are better suited, they will give lightness and airiness.
  • Dark interior doors will make the interior more austere.
  • Doors of a reddish-red hue will make the room cozy at home.
  • Doors can be neutral, not compatible with anything. These are canvases of universal white and cream shades, the main thing is that they do not come into disharmony with the rest of the interior items.
  • You can choose a door of an unusual bright color; this is a well-known design technique, the so-called bright spot. But it is imperative to pick up some decorative element for her in color: a vase, a rug, a pillow on the sofa, a curtain, etc.

Knowledge of the basic rules for choosing doors and windows in the interior will help to avoid mistakes.

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Before choosing windows for a living room with multiple doors and windows, first of all, you need to assess how well the room in which you want to install a plastic window is heated, what are the climatic conditions in your region. If maintaining heat in winter is not critical, then a single-chamber double-glazed unit is also suitable (for example, for technical rooms). For better thermal insulation, it is worth choosing a two-chamber double-glazed window with a 5-chamber profile.