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In 2019, there were over 1.3 million practicing attorneys in the United States. In the last decade, the number of practicing attorneys has increased by 14.5%.

Local Tax Attorney

If you're searching for an attorney, it won't be hard to find one willing to work with you. But, the issue is finding the right attorney for your particular case.

It's important to do research before choosing a tax attorney. Keep reading for the key things to look for in a local tax attorney.

1. A Specialization in Tax Law

Specialization is key when it comes to finding the best tax attorney. There are many different types of attorneys, each one serving their own purpose.

Specialization is key when it comes to finding the best tax attorney. There are many different types of attorneys, each one serving their own purpose.

You wouldn't visit an orthopedic doctor who specializes in hip replacements if you are looking for lung cancer treatment. In the same way, you should turn to a criminal law attorney if you are facing tax issues.

Wondering what does a tax attorney do? Here are just a few of the cases they may handle:

  • Audit defense
  • Handling account levies
  • Undoing property liens
  • Stopping wage garnishments

2. Good Reviews

When choosing between local tax attorneys, reviews are your best friend.

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You don't want to end up with a tax attorney who has never had successful results or one who is fresh out of law school. Instead, you want an attorney who has a long history of practicing tax law and has satisfied clients who are willing to recommend them. Look for reviews on the attorney's social media pages, website, and common review sites such as AVVO or Yelp.

If you can't find any reviews of the law office, this could be a red flag. For example, Silver Tax Group prominently displays their reviews on their website in addition to links to their Better Business Bureau profile. They make it easy to find out what their previous clients think of them because they are proud of their work and results.

3. You Communicate and Work Well Together

Once you find a local, affordable tax attorney with good reviews, you'll want to set up an initial consultation.

Most attorneys offer a free initial consultation. This allows the attorney to review your case and decide if they want to represent you. But, this is also a good time for you to meet the lawyer and decide if they are the right fit for you.

Do they seem experienced and willing to explain complicated tax legal terms to you? Are they respectful when speaking with you and provide clear answers to your questions? These are all simple things that you should look out for.

Find the Best Option for a Local Tax Attorney

After reading this article, you should have a better idea of how to find the best local tax attorney for your needs.

The most important thing to look for in a potential attorney is that they specialize in tax law. From there, you'll want to look at reviews for local tax lawyers to find one that is in good standing with previous clients. Finally, set up an initial consultation with the law office to make sure it is the right fit for you.

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