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In the wake of an ever increasing rate of inflation, now, more than ever, it's vital to be building multiple streams of income. Knowing this, the last decade has offered us an enormous increase in online transactions. As brick and mortar shops close their doors, the digital economy continues to expand daily.

In 2022, there are many different options for making money online. Just by googling "how to make money online," one can find cliche ideas and offerings to supplement income. The unfortunate truth is many of these methods don't actually work well or have only worked for a select few people who control the market share. Despite the wake of a global pandemic and growing inflation, two young entrepreneurs have found a way to scale their own businesses online.

Meet the founders of Lost Boy Entertainment LLC, a boutique digital marketing and public relations firm that has been credited with helping build some of today's most important businesses and influencers. The company acts as the promotion division of the owner's investment holding company Lost Boy Holdings LLC. Co-founders Christian Anderson (more famously known as "Trust'N") and Bryce Vander Sanden began the company three years ago, hustling in their free time while being full-time students. Despite facing the difficulties of starting an entertainment based business in the industry-less state of Wisconsin, the founders turned to social media to make their earliest connections.

The business began by servicing a small list of friends and new clients a month and quickly began to spread as word of mouth got around. It was during this time Anderson asked Vander Sanden to come on board with the business, helping to complete some of the workload. "We would just work whenever we could, and after I asked Bryce to help me, we kinda just split up projects and got done what we could each day," explained Anderson, who acts as the company's President.

Fast forward almost three years later, and Anderson and Vander Sanden have scaled their dorm room hustle into a multi-million dollar company. The firm can be credited with building beside multiple Fortune 500 companies, including Google Inc., Target Inc., Kool-Aid, Doordash, and P&G, among others, while helping famous influencers and music acts like Snoop Dogg, Trippie Redd, Tory Lanez, Bryce Hall, and others flourish in their individual careers.

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Among the broad list of services the firm offers, they specialize in Social Media Marketing & Optimization, Music Marketing, and Public Relations. Much of their work with major brands and artists have been centered around influencer & digital marketing campaigns, as well as public relations strategy. Both founders Anderson and Vander Sanden attribute much of their client's success to the partnerships that they've formed over time. "You know we wouldn't be able to do a lot of what we do if it wasn't for all of the brilliant people we work with," explained Vander Sanden. "Partnerships are everything. Having a network of solid people to build with is everything," added Anderson. While the company looked to scale its business, the owners have recently decided to make the business a more private experience for their customers, offering unique customer service on a 1 to 1 based with their clients. "Our clients like to talk to us. Especially when attention to detail is needed or when an important project comes up. I think they really enjoy that smaller business feel," added Vander Sanden.

The entrepreneurial duo recently announced their expansion into the Atlanta area with the purpose of helping more people and businesses in a new area. "We are always looking to grow. It's a very exciting opportunity to scale business in a new city," said Anderson. However, scaling the business is one of many successes the Lost Boys have had recently.

Under the stage name Trust'N, Anderson recently released his charting project 'Neverland,' which has been critically acclaimed across the board. The project's third track, 'Stay(Go),' has garnered the most attention, amassing millions of views across multiple media platforms. Despite the project's success, Anderson says his focus is still on the business. "The reaction to music has been amazing. We worked on it for a long time, and I'm glad so many people are enjoying it. But for me right now, I am still focused on my business and scaling investments further," explained Anderson. While Anderson's partner in crime Vander Sanden, graduated college with two degrees in Finance and Accounting, Anderson dropped out his senior year of college to scale business. A decision he plans on coming back to. "I've actually been preparing to finish my degree within the next year or two. I'm not someone who likes to leave things unfinished it just sort of bothers me," Anderson added with a grin.

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Whatever is in store next for the Lost Boys, their dedication to building authentic connections with others while offering premium services and their track record of impressive work leaves their business potential in a great spot. The entrepreneurial duo's story is another beautiful example of why it's important to never settle and always be looking for more opportunities in business.

You can find out more info on Lost Boy Entertainment on their website below: