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Horse racing is one of the most popular sports and it is a sport that dates back as far as ancient Greece. There are many reasons why horse racing is such an admired and well-liked sport – here are 15 reasons why you should start watching horse races.

Love Horse Racing
  1. It’s an exciting form of entertainment that makes it a thrill to watch. Horses are astonishing athletes that can reach amazing speeds, making the races incredibly exciting to watch.
  2. Horse racing is affordable if it’s done responsibly, so it’s an accessible event that everyone can enjoy.
  3. Wagering is one of the many reasons why people look forward to horse racing events, and many people will place bets on events such as the Grand National even when they don’t typically bet. There are events taking place all around the world on practically every day of the year, so it’s great if you like the anticipation of placing a bet, and if so, use Timeform.
  4. There’s a rich culture associated with horse racing, from the pageantry of Royal Ascot to the prestige of certain events like Goodwood.
  5. Fashion is synonymous with horse racing and the trends and glamourous outfits and getting dressed up for the races is one of the reasons why this sport is so popular.
  6. Horse racing can be a great educator and as a sport, it can encourage a sense of responsibility towards caring for these animals and the safety of horses and riders.
  7. Along with many other sports, horse racing has gone digital and you can now catch races online from wherever you are, which makes it a more accessible sport than it once was.
  8. Horse racing is a social activity that draws people in who enjoy the communal aspect of watching races.
  9. The crowds and fans of this sport make it something truly special. Unlike other sports where you might chat briefly during breaks in the game, horse racing is essentially a day-long social event punctuated by exciting races.
  10. The different viewing perspectives that horse racing events offer mean you can mix and mingle with a diverse audience of people, whether you’re watching from the rail, the grandstand or the paddock.
  11. The wide range of cities and destinations with famous racetracks makes it a sport for travel lovers too. From LA and Chicago to Dubai and Melbourne, there is a great array of famous races and competitions around the world to explore.
  12. From celebs who own racehorses to those who are simply fans of the sport, with horse racing, there’s a chance to mingle with celebrities. There are many A-listers who are renowned horse racing fans, including Jennifer Lawrence, Tom Brady and Kate Upton.
  13. Horse racing is more of a lifestyle than any other sport, from the style and entertainment to the excitement of a day at the races and the people you get to know through attending events. There’s a great community of horse racing fans that make it a great sport to get involved with.
  14. Animal lovers will naturally be drawn to the beauty and agility of racehorses and will no doubt become attached to the impressive horses at racing events.
  15. Whether you want to catch a one-day event or you enjoy the five day festivals, there are events to cater to everyone within this sport.

Samantha Pierrie

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