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Energy costs continue to rise and it’s hard to see how your bills are going to come down in price unless you take steps to improve efficiency and use less energy to meet your home’s needs.

One positive step would be to talk to an HVAC company about replacing your old system with a more energy-efficient version that can help to cut your utility bills.

Here are some suggestions to consider if you want to find some efficient ways to bring your energy bills under greater control.

Time to upgrade your HVAC system

If you are comparing HVAC repair or replacement costs you may be tempted to side with the repair option because it will be cheaper.

That short-term view could prove costly as the latest HVAC systems benefit from some impressive energy-efficient technology and the initial financial outlay could easily be justified when you see how much you could save on your energy bills going forward.

Upgrade your ductwork too

Upgrading and fixing any leaky ductwork is a real no-brainer as it won’t cost a lot to do and improving its efficiency is going to shave money off your bills.

Upgrade your HVAC and ductwork at the same time to make the most efficiency gains.

Turn back the dial

Turning your thermostat down a couple of notches will barely be noticeable and you will soon acclimatize to a slightly lower temperature. The difference in your energy costs will make it easy to keep the setting lower than before.

If you are comparing HVAC repair or replacement costs you may be tempted to side with the repair option because it will be cheaper.

Keep all the energy inside your home

Having paid good money to heat your home you don’t want to let it seep out of the building as a result of bad seals around your windows.

Take a look at the state of all the seals around your windows and doors. Replace any that are broken or could do with upgrading.

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A few minutes less in the shower can make a big difference

As tempting as it is to enjoy a nice hot shower, you will be burning through about five gallons of hot water every two minutes or so.

Taking shorter showers is a good energy-saving routine to get into.

Get a new showerhead

Staying on the subject of efficient showering, a good move would be to replace your old showerhead with a more efficient one.

If you choose one that is WaterSense approved it could help you to reduce your water usage by thousands of gallons so that you enjoy a hot shower at maximum efficiency in terms of energy costs.

Fix that drip

Leaky faucets are also a real culprit when it comes to wasting water and energy. Fix any drips as soon as possible.

Lower the setting on your water heater

Most water heaters have a factory setting of 140 degrees but turning it down to 120 degrees should instantly cut your water heating costs by about 10%.

The water will still be hot enough but it won’t cost you as much.

Get rid of old lightbulbs

Every light in your house should be energy-efficient. You can use either LED bulbs that areEnergy Star approved or compact fluorescents.

Either way, your energy bills will be lower if you get rid of your old lightbulbs.

Get some outside help

You will find that most utility providers are prepared to offer a home energy audit, often at no cost to you.

This would be useful as you can then get a professional overview of how you might be able to reduce your energy usage as a result of what they find from the audit.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

If you follow these simple but effective steps to improve levels of energy efficiency in your home it should help you to stem the tide of rising energy bills.