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Luis Jorge Rios

Is there an idea, concept, or career that you want to know more about? Is there something you’ve always wanted to attend a class for but never had the time? Journalist Luis Jorge Rios recommends you look no further than your local TEDx conferences. According to Rios, you’ll find innovative and inspiring thinkers ready to share their ideas with you in a matter of minutes.

What is a ‘TED Talk’? TED stands for technology, entertainment, and design. These conferences began in 1984 in Silicon Valley as a way to showcase new tech-inspired innovation. Before long, the organizers of these conferences had decided to broaden their speaker qualifications. Now, they allow experts on anything exciting and meaningful. TEDx events are a TED spin-off that enables regional nonprofits to host TED conferences for their communities. According to Rios, TEDx allows people to inspire and engage on the local level.

Throughout his career, Rios has developed a reputation for being able to identify high-value influencers.

“As a journalist, I get to interview remarkable people,” said Rios. “People whose stories are worth sharing with wide audiences.” And that’s why Rios began organizing TEDx events of his own. He believes that TEDx is the perfect opportunity to give a platform to inspiring speakers that they wouldn’t have otherwise. “Additionally, live-streaming makes TEDx events accessible to everyone in the world,” said Rios. Accessibility is essential, as per Rios. Whether the platform is a stage or a streaming service, he wants to spread valuable ideas to interested viewers. 

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Rios has been working in events and promotions for a long time, including for a period of employment for Mark Cuban. Throughout his career, Rios has developed a reputation for being able to identify high-value influencers. According to Rios, he looks for people who have important information or takeaways to give back to their communities. “There is no better feeling than promoting someone who has a worthwhile story,” said Rios. “My goal with TEDx is to bring many different influential people together on one stage.”

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Even though TED Talks have been around for a while, the innovative ideas they bring to the table never get old. According to Rios, you never know when one of the selected speakers will change your life.