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Lusene Donzo, an American immigrant of Liberian descent demonstrates what it means to embrace the American Dream. Having served for several years in the United States Military, Lusene has grown as an individual as well as a military officer. With nearly a decade of service under his belt, he serves as an artillery officer at the rank of Captain. He started to take entrepreneurship seriously embracing it in the face of doubt and minimal support from his workmates and family who did not expect his entrepreneurial dream to bear much fruit.

With the sole motivation to help his clientele amass wealth, Lusene embarked on helping them attain credit education and leverage social media to grow their brands. His emphasis as far as credit education is on learning to use other people's money to grow their businesses and financial capacity as a whole. He has trained hundreds of Americans and led them to build successful digital businesses and earn from their knowledge by converting it into eBooks.

Lusene Donzo on graduation day. He holds a bachelor's Degree in Computer Science as well as a Master's Degree

Lusene Donzo on graduation day. He holds a bachelor's Degree in Computer Science as well as a Master's Degree

Lusene’s drive to become a top world speaker led him to create Lusene Donzo & Associates where individuals at different levels of Entrepreneurship get together to brainstorm the wealth creation process which typically entails growing one’s credit score and learning how to easily get financing for an entrepreneurial venture. The focus is on motivation and inspiration to build wealth through direct interactions and engagements where clients get to see and experience a real-life example of what they aspire to be and get nurtured from the ground up.

By building a strong work ethic, discipline, commitment, and a continued drive to be the best he could be as well as make the most of the little resources he had access to, it is crystal clear that Lusene was not born into privilege and neither was he handed anything on a silver platter. Entrepreneurship is a process and that is something he embraced recognizing that his business needed time as well as work to grow and was not simply going to happen overnight.

Lusene created a community of trust and knowledge by publishing content that aided his clientele in becoming financially savvy. This boosted his value in the face of his clients whose credit scores he helped to repair. Having grown up in a household characterized by financial instability, Lusene understood very well what it meant to have bad credit quickly learning until he became an ace at dealing with credit card debts.

By providing credit consultancy with a track record of visible results, he earned the trust of his clientele who started making referrals which in turn grew his number of students with hundreds attesting to the fact that he had helped them save over 750k on collection debts.

Lusene has been able to successfully transfer vital skills like time management, leadership as well as organizational skills which he gained in the military when he enlisted. Having advanced in the ranks and become an officer, he continues to grow and remain very active embracing a high level of discipline that he passes on to others under his immediate supervision in the military.

Just as he was mentored, Lucene learned to transfer the same positivity to others. To adequately mentor others, one has to experience, the ins and the outs, the ups, and the downs. This can help students in a mentorship program avoid making the same mistakes that their mentors made. The drive to excel according to Donzo is the only thing that can make an individual move a mountain. A mentor who has experienced a wide range of available possibilities is better placed to provide sustainable mentorship.

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Lusene goes on to address the fear of failure merely referring to it as a part of the process of growth and development. Before you can run, you must crawl and then learn to walk. He also goes on to make clear the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded people who can be a source of inspiration, encouragement, and support. As an individual, having or embracing the right mindset will go a long way in helping an entrepreneur to survive the bumpy road to being a successful entrepreneur.

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To date, Lusene has earned over 100k in his business and is looking to mentor others to do the same by training them to build successful business models whilst embracing digital products.

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