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Uber/Lyft Lawsuits on the Rise, Be Prepared

Rokey Jhonnson: If you have been injured in the crash, you need not push yourself. If you feel pain of any kind, you should remain still and await the arrival of the emergency services.

Ridesharing is a convenient and efficient mode of public transport. Many commuters opt for Uber and Lyft owing to the speed with which their requests are met. Anyone can become an Uber or Lyft driver. All they need is a driver’s license and their own car to join the network. This makes the service highly accessible and flexible. It also poses risks to the public.

Lyft Lawsuits

Recent statistics have shown a significant increase in the number of traffic accidents in cities throughout the United States, the areas in which Uber and Lyft are especially popular.

Rideshare accidents are on the rise. If you use Uber and Lyft regularly, you must be prepared for such an incident. If you have been in an accident as an Uber or Lyft passenger, you should hire a ridesharing accident lawyer to represent you.

What to do After the Accident

If you are conscious, you should ensure everyone is okay. You should immediately dial 911. Do not assume that someone else will. If you can move and walk without pain, you should get out of the vehicle and take pictures of the damage with your mobile phone. You should also collect the insurance and contact information of the rideshare driver and the other person involved in the accident. Remember, the rideshare driver has no special authority in these situations. They are not employees of the rideshare companies, but contactors and free agents. They will prioritize their own interests above yours and the company’s.

If you have been injured in the crash, you need not push yourself. If you feel pain of any kind, you should remain still and await the arrival of the emergency services.

If you have been injured in the crash, you need not push yourself. If you feel pain of any kind, you should remain still and await the arrival of the emergency services.

You should as soon as possible contact an Uber accident lawyer or Lyft accident lawyer. Uber has a standing policy of offering $1 million to individuals who have been injured in an accident involving one of their drivers. However, you should sign or agree to nothing until your Uber accident lawyer or Lyft accident lawyer has had a chance to review the document and give you advice.

Your injuries may be light and easily manageable, making a $1 million pay-out reasonable. On the other hand, the accident may have left your body and your life broken, making the above amount inadequate.

The Consequences of Serious Accident Injuries

If the accident was serious, it can throw your entire life into turmoil. You may have to spend a long time in the hospital. Your stay may include a range of operations and treatments to get you back to health. While you’re on your back you will be unable to earn an income. This will lead to the piling up of your regular monthly bills. It will also put you in difficulties when it comes time to pay your medical expenses.

Things may not improve immediately after you have been released. It will take time for your body to heal. You may also need to undergo a long period of physical rehabilitation. Your physical and mental condition may make it impossible for you to resume work full-time. In the most extreme case, you may have to give up your livelihood altogether.

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This piling up of debt and setbacks can cause serious strain to you and your family. The people responsible for it should shoulder be held accountable.

How a Ridesharing Accident Lawyer Can Help

Suing the rideshare company is not an exercise in futility. Nor does it make you greedy or vengeful. If you have been seriously injured as a passenger in a rideshare vehicle and you believe your driver was responsible, suing the company that allowed them to operate is a rational step to take.

Rideshare companies will sometimes make the case that they are technically not liable for the actions of their drivers because they do not employ the latter. But a number of judgments against them prove the weakness of this argument. Indeed, rideshare companies offer standard pay-outs in order to avoid costly litigation and the risk of having to pay even more money; and they have been trying to avoid getting involved in lawsuits and jury decisions that can set legal precedents.

You need not settle for less when your material needs are much more than what they are offering. Here are some of the things that your lawyer will do to get you proper compensation.

They will thoroughly review the police accident report and look for gaps and shortcomings in it. They will launch their own investigation to get a greater understanding of the circumstances that led to the accident. Your attorney will work with professionals to meet this aim. They will review and assess every piece of evidence associated with the accident. They will also reach out to the people who witnessed it. Of particular interest will be any photo or video images taken of the crash. There is usually one person who captured the entire accident on camera but were never contacted or interviewed by police. Obtaining such footage can go a long way toward establishing how exactly the accident happened and who was at fault for it.

Your lawyer will also make inquiries into the sobriety of your driver, their state of mind, and any criminal history they may have, including traffic infractions and DUI arrests. There is a growing consensus that Uber and Lyft should establish more stringent criteria for their drivers. This must be done to protect the public against drivers who are unfit to serve them. If your driver has citations for speeding or other reckless behavior or has a DUI on their record, the rideshare company can be held responsible.

Your lawyer will also get statements from physicians and medical experts that will explain the seriousness of your injury and how it will affect your ability to earn a livelihood.

Drivers whose cheap commercial truck insurance plans don’t include this form of insurance are encouraged to get another plan, such as commercial driver insurance. This downside of this option is that commercial driver insurance is higher compared to rideshare insurance – you may need to pay about $1,800 annually.

These are the kinds of moves your attorney will make soon after taking your case. They are usually enough to force the rideshare company to come back to the negotiating table and make a settlement offer that meets your financial needs.

Rokey Jhonson