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The term ‘overnight success’ is often misconstrued by people. One must know that overnight success is a process and journey of years. Nothing worth having comes easy, as building an empire is not a cakewalk. Transforming people’s lives with his impactful speeches, Mahesh Toshniwal aka MWT is one of the highly regarded coaches who is an inspirational force for people across India and overseas.

Known for bringing the ‘WOW’ factor into everyone’s lives, Mr. Toshniwal is the man behind ‘Just Imagine’. It is a progressive global organisation that was started to make people live the life of their dreams. With a rational and positive approach to life, Mahesh Toshniwal’s teachings are backed by scientific laws of nature like the law of attraction, the law of reversibility and principles of Metaphysics.

Through his unique style of guidance, a majority of people are living life with a positive attitude. Mahesh Toshniwal’s organisation ‘Just Imagine’ is headquartered in Kolkata and was incorporated in 2014. Along with being a mentor, MWT is a wordsmith, sapient, lodestar, life success coach and wealthsmith. He firmly believes that an individual’s attitude, and not aptitude determines their altitude in life.

In other words, he emphasizes that tasks should be approached with determination, perseverance and passion. Mahesh Toshniwal’s platform is indeed a destination for individuals to manifest dreams into reality. Not to forget, the life coach focuses on upscaling the overall well-being of people to live a happy and prosperous life. Earlier, Mahesh Toshniwal’s teachings have cured people suffering from horrifying ailments like asthma, cancer, psoriasis, cardiac problems and the novel coronavirus.

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“All that matters is to live life with a positive mindset. If you think good, you tend to attract positive vibes. If you have a pessimistic approach, you will be surrounded by a dark cloud of negativity”, said Mr. Toshniwal. Sharing his wisdom, he has penned two books in English and Hindi. The English version authored by him is titled ‘WOW! Words of Wisdom’, whereas the Hindi version is ‘WAAH! Shabdon Ki Mahima.

Continuing to help people live a healthy life, the life coach is spreading his message by conducting seminars for corporate giants like Pioneer Foods, HSBC Bank, Rahee Infratech, Kabel Buildcon and AG Capital to name a few. Lastly, the meditation practises coined by him ‘Imagi-Shield’ and ‘Imagi-vir’ have turned out to be life-changing for people to excel in different fields.