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Cosy Up Your Looks with These Elegant Man Bun Hairstyles In 2019

man bun

The Man Bun.

Men’s long hair has become the norm and with it came the man bun. Maybe this is a new phrase to you. Well, we are here to educate you and show you how you can rock man bun hairstyles beautifully for various events. Man bun is like a ponytail where the hair is styled by pulling it up and backward.

It is a loop or a twist of your hair. There are different ways you can wear it, either low towards your neck, high on the crown or somewhere in between. There are various ways you can style a man bun to get different looks. Besides, you can take it to a different level and incorporate shaved sides, an undercut or a low fade.

  1. The Man Bun.

This is a contemporary Viking style with long locks and a full beard.

  1. Jared Leto Man Bun.

Though there are so many celebrity man buns out there, Jared Leto's style has won the hearts of many men. He has appeared with this look at various awards ceremonies mostly matched with beards. This refined style is styled neatly from the front, with a lot volume in the bun and some tresses are left loose to make it not appear too restrictive.

  1. Leonardo Dicaprio Man Bun.

Leonardo DiCaprio has won man bun in almost any length. With simple chin-length hair, the locks can be styled back into a subtle bun. This style looks even more glamorous with an undercut. Sufficient hair length is retained to create a small bun. Use styling product such as ointment or holding gel to slick front hair backward for a more formal look.

  1. Jason Momoa Man Bun.

You might have seen Jason wearing a ponytail in the game of thrones. What you may not know is that he wears a man even in real life.

  1. Avan Jogia.
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The long gent’s bun is a customisable hairdo that can either be formal or casual and worn in any setting from wedding to the gym. Of course, depending on the occasion, you will vary the styling. This jagged style seen by Avan Jogia is cool and looks great on wavy hair and also straight hair.

  1. Man Bun and An Undercut.

Long hair can look gorgeous with an undercut especially if cut at the nape of your neck. This sass style incorporates an undercut geometrically designed up to the years, and the rest of the manes pulled and tied into a bun.

  1. Man Bun Fade.

The hair is tapered from the short to clean skin. The hairline is raised to incorporate clean cut edges. It is a unique style that will make you stand out.

  1. Undercut Man Bun.

This is a modern take on the classic bun style. The hair is shaved clean all around the head to create a new hairline. The hairstyle appears dramatic on the sides, but the hair is shaved clean from the front to the back.

  1. Swirled Bun for Wavy Hair.

This is an ideal look for men with a fast-paced lifestyle. This is not a fancy look that will need you to spend all your time styling. Just a messy bun and tie it, and you are ready to start your day. Even when paired with full beard style, the hairstyle is ridiculously low maintenance and shows an extremely modern and charming image.

  1. Asian High Bun and An Undercut.

Man buns exist in various sizes and shapes and this beautiful brown. The high bun is effortless to style even with dense hair. Besides when you include an undercut the style appears exciting thanks to the texture contract of different hair lengths.

  1. Quintessential Bun

Do you want to rock tough, beautiful and cute all in one bun? This style will offer you a solution. The side hair is faded to medium sized beards that are cut into clear lines to highlight the face. Long hair is left on the top to create a beautiful and seamless high bun.