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Manjeet Singh Sangha aka DesiRichKid was born and brought up in Berlin, Germany. Ever since he was 13, he dreamt of making a fortune for himself and had made up his mind to strike gold in the world of business. He was always fascinated by the luxurious lives his icons lived and was keen to follow a life exactly like theirs. With this goal he set out to establish his own drop shipping business and today has become one of best in business.

Manjeet says “One of the major reasons why I wanted to work for myself is the flexibility owning your business offers and you can work at your own pace without being under constant watch or surveillance of your employers. I always wanted to give myself and my family a life which has all the materialistic things one can ever imagine, and this was possible only by building up my own empire rather than giving my blood and sweat to build others businesses”

There have been many young achievers who have gone out of their way and created an empire out of nothing with their talent and hard work.

Manjeet read a lot of books to enhance his personal development. He credits a lot to readings like ‘Rich dad poor dad’ and ‘how to win friends and influence people’ which have helped him immensely. The initial period of his drop shipping business were tough, with him going through losses, but he never gave up and kept pushing himself, trying to reach the stars. Slowly business started picking up and from $100 a day to $500 to $1000, today Manjeet boasts of generating an income of up to $30000 a month which is indeed a huge achievement.

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Presently Manjeet owns 6 online stores with all the big brands under his umbrella and has more than 2500 international clients who have partnered with him for his drop shipping business. With such huge success he has now turned to educating aspiring entrepreneurs on how to start and successfully run drop shipping business through his consulting business which goes by the name ‘Drop Shipping University’ which he operates under his brand Desirichkid.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Manjeet is also actively involved in Real estate investing and creating large portfolios of residential and commercial properties and with a fleet of luxurious 4 wheelers at his disposal like McLaren, Mercedes S-Class and Lamborghini, Manjeet Singh aka Desirichkid has indeed arrived with a bang.

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