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The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand. An athlete puts forth their all by fully devoting themselves to their sport. They always try to give one hundred percent before, during, and after practice. Athletes achieve their success knowing they worked hard to attain it and can truly say they accomplished something that makes them a better person.

Marcus Patterson

One such name in the athletic world that has won millions of hearts and has made a mark across the globe is Marcus Patterson. A 25 year old basketball player who has reached the path of success at a very young age. With his tremendous skills and techniques Marcus has conquered a position of an ace basketball player.

Marcus Patterson is an American, who played for East London All-Stars of the England's National Basketball League. He later joined Portimonense in Portugal. He has the capability to be more mentally and physically smart, being passionate, and always displays love and dedication in his games. He dedicates full potential for an entire game showcasing his capabilities and staying upbeat and energized through an entire game. Marcus goes to the extra mile to not only improve his abilities but always believes in enhancing his skills.

Marcus Patterson is an American, who played for East London All-Stars of the England's National Basketball League.

Positivity is another trait that must be acquired by an athlete. Marcus is an extremely positive player who also keeps fellow players up, and keeps the game going smoothly. He never allows himself to personally get down, and never let his teammates get down either. He always stays focused and his undivided attention is something to look upto. That transitions into dedication. Marcus also take the time outside of practices or games for betterment of personal being and so his best goes into what he does and will never falter facing all the hurdles.

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It will surprise his fans that Patterson was a captain in his final year at The Sage Colleges and also leading Portimonense SC into an achievable position before the Coronavirus Pandemic took over the world. He has proved to be a great leader, a winner and above all a great personality, an inspiration for other teammates.

Marcus has his name enchanted across Europe when it comes to basketball. A one shot player who can't be missed. He always makes sure that his team wins never letting down his fans expectations. Basketball a game loved all across the globe, with Marcus Patterson playing, it's a cherry on the cake to witness such match. A treat for the eyes of the spectators.

Patterson is a role model for children who would like to make their career as an athlete. An inspiration for all the youth who would want to persuade their career in the field. Always motivating and supporting the sport for good. He is a dedicated athlete who recognizes that being a good role model not only benefits those watching him, but helps the character and esteem most of all.

Marcus always focuses on working together. Thinking about the team before oneself. And encouraging corporate discipline. He always efface himself for the good of his side. He always kicks in the glory of victory for his fans and team. Marcus always recreates athletics always delivering the best of the best.