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In the last few years, the digital currency has been dominating the fiat money. Many investors have made their smart investments through cryptocurrency. In the digital era, the most valuable assets are protected on the internet which is stored in an encoded form on a network-to-network chain called blockchain or the ledger. Blockchain technology keeps records of financial transactions and properties in a secured manner. The rise of blockchain technology has also witnessed an exponential growth of the fintech sector and the cryptocurrencies. One of the leading fintech companies named MarketPeak based in Dubai (UEA) is focusing on fintech projects that reward their own community with the help of tokenized assets. After learning about fintech and online entrepreneurship, founder Sergej Heck started MarketPeak in May 2019.

Sergej Heck

To get started, one needs to register on the website of MarketPeak which will then guide the customers to the best assets of the company.

MarketPeak gives innovative solutions to the buyers, investors and other companies. It community projects and products which are accessible to large investors. On the basis of Ethereum Blockchain, MarketPeak has built its own cryptocurrency named PEAK. Through the tokenized assets the customers or say the investors are enabled to maximise their profits based on their investment. To get started, one needs to register on the website of MarketPeak which will then guide the customers to the best assets of the company. Besides this, the global digital platform has got some of the key features including one-time KYC for all projects, early entrance into exclusive projects, maximum discount for registered users, referral bonuses and remunerations for investors and much more.

It has been a beneficial thing for both the investors and MarketPeak. Till now, there are already 20,000 investors and companies registered on MarketPeak. Apart from making investments in fintech products and services, Sergej’s company also runs a lot of training programs under the highly-qualified professionals in the field of fintech, marketing and sales. The best part about it is the fact that the profits earned are comparatively higher than the traditional investments. If the members invest in a project from the company, then they are entitled to receive a part of the company’s profit. Through online coaching and live webinars, MarketPeak educates the investors and makes them aware of the online scams. It also gives access to the internal messaging system for easy communication.

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The only vision of MarketPeak is to create a decentralised platform. For that, the company is developing a platform called DeFi which will be released by the end of this year. “We want to offer all investors a decentralised platform for funds”, said Sergej. In addition to it, MarketPeak is also developing a wallet app that the members can conveniently connect to their ERC20 wallet. The company is targeting to bring 50,000 active users for the app by the end of the year. Not only this, but the CEO Sergej Heck is also the owner of and, two platforms and crypto magazines which educate people about the unlimited possibilities of blockchain technology. He has two successful blogs about blockchain which has got an average of 600,00 visitors per month.