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The world of modern art, particularly pop-art culture, is witnessing the emergence of a new vision for pop appeal and artistic exploration. The credit goes to the iconic artist Marko Stout who has unraveled the deep realism of emotions and expression through photographs, sculptures, painting and graphics.

In 2018, Marko Stout took the world by surprise after he reported massive sales in a couple of solo shows in Manhattan gallery. Since then, there has been no looking back for Marko. His effortless creativity and originality created a storm that continues to mystify and captivate art aficionados.

Unlike the pop-style artwork of Andy Warhol, Marko Stout 's vibrant style carries a distinctive cinematic influence and an appreciation for human experiences.

Unlike the pop-style artwork of Andy Warhol, Stout's vibrant style carries a distinctive cinematic influence and an appreciation for human experiences. This unique approach boldly defies what pop-art fanatics have been embracing thus far. It is indeed the contemporary twist and the inherent humanness in Stout's artwork that has struck the onlookers' fascination.

Stout claims that his work "lustrouslyblinkswithresonantrealism,pullingyoufromthecomfortofarchaicPopArtintoamodernrealmofunfilteredardor". He depicts sexuality and erotica through an honest yet glamorous representation. The blend of colors, the contrast and depth in his masterpieces are intensely appealing and refreshing. In a brief glance, viewers are struck by the candid approach and imagery that leaves a lingering evocative impression.

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Marko Stout's early exposure to art and painting came from his neighbor in San Francisco Bay. Marko gained interest in art and films and embarked on his unconventional foray in contemporary art and multimedia. Marko's neighbor presented his early compositions in his private galleries. The early success in these exhibitions laid the path for Marco's creative career. When Marko moved to New York City, his art and personality merged well in the city's art culture and finally emerged as an enrapturing narrative.

The work of Marko Stout portrays the most contemporary renaissance of modern art. It is chic and unapologetic yet eternally mesmerizing. It explores carnal desires and eroticism while glorifying the innate aesthetics of the subject matter.

His work spans through a multitude of art forms, ranging from metallic installations and sculptures to photography, paintings and mixed media. The large scale video installations, films and "urban print work" showcased by Marko Stout are extraordinarily engaging, works or pure genius. Masterfully executing these compositions through such varied media entails deep understanding of innovative techniques and supreme talent.


Marko's personality is just as bright and vivacious as his artistic flair. His liberal and flamboyant fashion has earned him a spotlight among American celebrities and fashionistas. There is no doubt that Marko lives through his passion and keeps his passion alive through his glamorous style.



Marko's preeminence in the world of modern art and pop-culture is now universally recognized, with leading American galleries and connoisseurs celebrating his revolutionary realism. His artwork has been showcased in prestigious exhibitions and private collections, besides his solo galleries in the US, Europe and Asia. His admirers include famed celebrities like the Kardashians, Debra Messing, Charlie Sheen, RuPaul, Katie Holmes, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.

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One of the most influential artists of the modern era, Marko and his exhibits are setting the world galleries ablaze with unparalleled sales. His 2019 show titled "EroticAllureVolume3" at NewYork’sTribecaGallery was hundred percent sold-out.

Since his spectacular success, art critics and reviewers have recognized Marko Stout as the next big thing, an emerging legend of pop art. Indeed, Marko Stout is reclaiming the glamour and splendor of the New York Art Gallery scene and taking it to brighter frontiers.