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Photo by Hannah Cook on Unsplash

Photo by Hannah Cook on Unsplash

Every relationship goes through its own set of problems. When you want your marriage to last, you have to overcome these barriers with equal dedication and tireless efforts. Nurturing a relationship is not required only until marriage. In fact, when you start living together, it requires all the more effort to keep the relationship alive and healthy.

Every relationship is different and so are their problems. But it is comforting to know that somebody else is also going through the same issue and there’s nothing specific to you. Here are 5 major complaints that married couples commonly have.

1.Varying interests

Being two different individuals, you and your partner will have different interests. While you want to support your partner in pursuing their choices and passion, you also want them to be there for you. This balance is very crucial in a relationship.

One partner cannot keep on compromising daily to meet the other partner’s interests. If this happens, you’ll eventually start burning out – and lose the passion!

While celebrating individual lives, it is necessary to find a way to weave your life together at some point. One partner cannot keep on compromising daily to meet the other partner’s interests. If this happens, you’ll eventually start burning out – and lose the passion!

The best solution here is to find a way that both of you can be involved in the activity. For instance, it is not necessary to know every single detail of the match your husband wants to watch, but it is necessary to watch that match with him to acknowledge that you are ready to share that interest.

2.Sexual differences

With mental and emotional understanding, physical intimacy is unavoidable in a relationship. While this is a way how partners showcase their love to one another, it is no hidden fact that sexual differences are a major problem too.

If your partner is not satisfied with you sexually, your marriage is going to suffer a hard time ultimately leading to divorce. You can also use different measures to satisfy your partner like different sex positions, different condoms like ribbed or snugger fit condoms to satisfy your partner, or even different activities.

3.Financial problems

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According to Ameriprise, 23% of fights between married couples are related to finance. Usually, when a couple is involved in a conflict for money, and need a personal loan to get by, the symbolic meaning of the dispute can vary. It can be taken as the fight for power, struggles, different motives, or anything that revolves around money.

If you’re undergoing financial stress, there’s a high possibility that you fight with your partner for petty issues that don’t even require an argument. These matters can be non-financial. But the stress makes you lose your patience and you vent it out on your partner. Life can be tiring, it’s ok if you sometimes can not handle the pressure, just take a deep breath, even cry a bucket if you want to, and then acknowledge the significance of people around you. Take actions to solve a problem rather than tangling it further.

Another reason can be the different spending habits of the partners. What one partner considers necessary is considered useless by another. The only thing to do here is to understand your partner during difficult times and support them.

4.Lack of communication

The biggest cause of a fight in any relationship is the lack of communication. Married couples, there’s no replacement for good conversations. Tell each other every little detail. Avoid negative discussions. It hampers the relationship to a deeper level.

And here, when I say communication- it includes both verbal and non-verbal communication. A slight change in your facial expression can also be misunderstood by your partner. Don’t let them make assumptions. Talk your heart out and build a strong foundation for a happy married life.


However unrealistic this sounds; boredom is an actual marital problem. After a period of time, you get bored with your partner because there’s nothing interesting to do. Every day is the same and there’s nothing to look forward to.

At such times, rekindle that spark in your relationship. Find out the real problem. Is it that you don’t spare time for each other? You don’t share your routine day with each other? Whatever the reason is behind the fight, try to involve your partner in your daily activities to get rid of them.

Over to you…

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

A mismatch in your married life ruins your foundation for the future also. There’s nothing much that is in your hands except not having unrealistic expectations from your partner. They are of the same breed as you and humans tend to make mistakes. Keep the above things in mind and keep reminding yourself that it's you both against the problem, not you against your partner!