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Mathilde and Pauline Tantot are the sexy twins under 30 who dominated the Web scene in the roaring 20s of the 21st century. Not a dream but simple and pure reality.

Beautiful, blond, intelligent, animal lovers and young entrepreneurs, the two Franco-Persian twins with 16 million followers, renamed "the bombs of Bordeaux", ignite social networks and enchant everyone, in France and around the world.


Followed by personalities from the world of entertainment, sport - several times invited to Parisian parties, guests of PSG star Neymar - and by many well-known influencers including Chiara Ferragni, Mathilde and Pauline share the passion for animals for which they finance various associations and shelters, and for fashion. In fact, just recently, the twin entrepreneurs launched a bikini collection, the KHASSANI SWIMWEAR.

Mathilde and Pauline Tantot today count not only many followers but also a truly impressive number of collaborations and ADV. Passion, talent and resourcefulness - which neither of them lack - have been helped and encouraged by a large digital and social marketing agency that operates globally, among the first in the world for profile management: the DAYOR AGENCY.

But what is behind this agency?

A lot of work, a lot of passion and a great desire to help others, especially female entrepreneurs by encouraging their empowerment. A team of experts who work 7 days up 7, 24 hours up 24, to "help, create, shape and manage the future of millions of digital creators".

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Dayor not only deals with managing the DMs and posts of each individual profile by monetizing the contents, but constantly works to find and create the best business opportunities for customers, connecting them to other profiles / digital creators of the same niche, in order to allow the birth of fruitful collaborations. Each customer can increase their visibility and grow exponentially, regardless of her level of notoriety.

Dayor is a leading agency in the world, not only for its team of successful and experienced world leaders but also and above all because, thanks to the powerful analytical investigation tools, it knows perfectly what the public wants and what is looking for from each individual personality. media. Analyze, study, create and advertise every single content designed for a targeted audience. This is the secret of Dayor's success and is the reason why this agency has managed to surpass all its biggest competitors in the world.

Models, content creators and influencers become global phenomena, personalities able to dominate the scene constantly, day after day, hour after hour.

Dayor Agency is not only a leading agency specializing in digital marketing campaigns but it is much more. It is a home, a refuge, a gym, a family for millions of creators and influencers looking for support.

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A place where every single personality is able to build itself starting from 0 or to restart after a fall. Today the Dayor Agency not only manages the Tantot twins, among the most influential of social media, but also other creators with millions of followers such as Suelyn Medeiros (4.5 million followers), Zhara Nilsson (1.2 million followers), Dayane Mello (1.2 million followers) and many other great personalities from the world of fashion and entertainment.

Dayor Agency discovers talents and helps them build their future step by step.