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Max Polyakov, the well-known serial entrepreneur, has achieved the next milestone in his space strategy (a vertically integrated one) by acquiring Dragonfly Aerospace, the small satellite firm from South Africa. The sum of the deal has not been disclosed yet.

Dragonfly Aerospace is known to manufacture high-resolution spacecraft cameras. Additionally, the company has been investing its time and money to manufacture small satellites. With this acquisition, their satellites can be launched via Firefly Aerospace, which Max Polyakov has invested in through his investment fund Noosphere Venture Partners.

Noosphere’s portfolio also includes other space companies like D-Orbit (orbital transfer vehicle producer), SETS (electric propulsion manufacturer), and EOS Data Analytics (EOSDA), satellite imagery startup.

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What Is the Future of Dragonfly Aerospace after the Acquisition?

Max Polyakov plans on developing an integrated space ecosystem after the acquisition of Dragonfly Aerospace. Learn more about the ambitious entrepreneur and his bold plans for space exploration.

Armed with a team that boasts around twenty years of expertise and experience in producing imaging equipment for satellites, the company will be building two high-performance cameras for EOSDA’s debut satellite, which will be used to monitor crops. It has been slated to launch somewhere around 2022.

Dr. Max Polyakov states that Dragonfly Aerospace's expertise and experience in satellite imagery is one of the most critical assets for developing an integrated space ecosystem. He adds that Dragonfly's advanced technology allows producing high-quality images in better quality and a wider range of resolutions and spectrums. All these factors will come into play when monitoring the planet’s health and facilitating smart agriculture to protect the environment. Overall, Max Polyakov believes that this course of action will eventually improve international food security and support the well-being of the Earth and the health of the environment.

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Dragonfly Aerospace has kept investing in satellite manufacturing to build micro-satellite constellations. For now, the company intends to churn out 48 satellites per year, with each satellite not weighing more than 600-kg. Dragonfly has always relied on its experience of developing micro-satellite imagers to offer innovative products for the market. This strategy has been working overtime. After the acquisition by Max Polyakov, the company will look to expand its partnerships and production facilities in the coming years.