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There is no doubt that the USA is a fantastic place to live with some of the most advanced technology around to help you enjoy life. Still looked to as the most developed and innovative country around the world, the US continues to lead the way in many sectors. One essential area that this happens in is medical research.

medical research thrives

The figures around medical research in North America certainly show this to be the case and why it has thrived in the past. Back in 2016, over $150 billion was spent on medical research and this figure will only have risen again since then. This financial commitment to understanding illnesses and finding cures is a perfect illustration of why medical research in the USA is in such great health itself. When you combine that with the hard work and talent of the researchers themselves along with other vital factors, you can easily see why the USA is a world leader here.

Why will this continue into the future?

When you combine that with the hard work and talent of the researchers themselves along with other vital factors, you can easily see why the USA is a world leader here.

Of course, this is the big question that many people are asking now. Medical research has had an illustrious past here for many years, but will it continue to thrive as we move forward? All the signs point to the fact that it will – the below are just some of the reasons it is expected to continue to grow::

  • Government funding – although the US Government is not the major funding behind annual research in this field, it does commit a serious amount to it still. This allows for more trials to take place and the whole medical research sector to feel secure with the Government’s backing to rely on. It also gives other partners in the field of research and development confidence to get involved themselves. The Medical Research Future Fund is a great Federal project here which has just had around $2 billion given to it for new projects until 2020/2021. The whole research infrastructure got a recent boost too with around $400 million being committed to implanting the National Research Infrastructure Roadmap.
  • Knowledge exchange – one really vital area within this type of field is the exchange of knowledge between medical professionals. This could be researchers seeing what others are doing to find inspiration or surgeons reading an academic paper on a new drug that they could use on patients. As more knowledge is exchanged globally thanks to the internet, this will see US medical research thrive in popularity and also in taking on new ideas. Online academic medical journals including Oncotarget lead the way here by publishing the latest academic medical papers for the sector to digest.
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  • More talented researchers – of course, the driving force behind any research is the people actually doing it! As a steady stream of new talent comes into the sector over time, this will naturally keep the research community in the US thriving with new ideas and energy.
  • Partnership with industry – you may not know but the biggest contributor in the USA to medical research is actually business. Many interested companies plough millions each year into the research they think will benefit them and their customers. These links look likely to only grow in the future and keep the R & D sector in the USA in great health.
  • Technological advances – as well as the people actually performing the research, the technology used to do it is also a huge factor now. This is another reason why it will thrive in the USA going forward as new, more advanced technology is always being developed to use. This next gen tech will allow researchers to work faster, see more and ultimately cure diseases that they couldn’t in the past. Blockchain is one such new technology that many think will make a big splash in allowing greater record keeping and information exchange when conducting clinical trials.
  • Greater trial innovation – one of the big changes that will help research progress in the USA going forward is the innovation expected on how trials are conducted. Already moves are being made to make trials shorter and easier to take part in for subjects. This will not only help in attracting the necessary subjects to take part but also help results be seen faster.

R & D in the USA is in great shape

From the evidence around, it looks certain that medical research in the USA will continue to thrive as we head into the future. This is great news for us all as it is vital to life and staying healthy. Not only does it allow scientists to understand serious illnesses that you may contract but it also means that cures can be found for them too.

Charles Hodge