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Meet Jonathan Tjoa Algreen

Since the past two decades he has been gaining prominence as an impact investor changing the course of many entities.

Amidst fierce competition businesses have to take suitable measures which would work towards its benefit as the right approach can help it scale its reach impacting its business positively. To achieve that they have to associate themselves with numerous result oriented methods that can help them stand out and make their mark. The majority of businesses across the globe have realized the importance of following a distinct path that would lead them towards glory. To accomplish the desired results, one has to undertake the services of an expert who can focus on the impact driven methodologies to drive the business to the next level.

Entrepreneurship was deep within his soul since his early days when he used to buy candy and sell them to those around him.

One name which tops the list in achieving these top-notch results is that of Jonathan Tjoa Algreen, as he has worked his way to the top being a philanthropist, serial investor, CEO/founder of multiple companies like Impact Business Investment Group (IBIG), 1 People, Business for Planet, and co-owner of Valified, Nordic Impact Bridge, DoLand, LOVENATURE Superfoods, and Wennick–Lefèvre and a leading thought leader and brain behind impact driven businesses.

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Entrepreneurship was deep within his soul since his early days when he used to buy candy and sell them to those around him. All he wanted was to ace in this space and turned his dreams to reality, growing up, holding the reins of multiple businesses, creating them to reach optimum levels of success and then handing them over for profits. Each of the businesses he nurtured a green and impact-driven initiatives in their business models like fashion, jewelry, education, food, tech, fintech, pharmaceutical, medico, property, investment platforms or any other field.

He owns the ‘Impact Business Investment Group’ (IBIG) under which the majority of his companies operate. The main objective of his entity is to look out for entrepreneurs who would impact the green initiatives and take them to the next level. According to Jonathan his focus is not on profits but to make an impact on the future by introducing methods which would boost environmental preservation. His further course of action involves establishing regional offices in Europe and a few new launches which would be announced by his group shortly.

There are plans to even launch a free online entrepreneur program, ‘Business for Planet’ which would focus on educating, helping, mentoring and supporting socially driven entrepreneurs and investors, pumping in funds into their projects if their ideas suit his thought process.

To know more about on Jonathan’s initiatives, check out his website on or follow him on Instagram: @jonathanalgreen.JKKKF