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If you've been paying attention, surely you must have heard of a group of content creators online who have managed to amass a number of following and adoration, all without showing their face or creating elaborate Hollywood-level motion videos.

These content creators make use of the most seemingly ordinary part of their body - a voice, a finger, hair - and turn them into tools to connect and reach out to others.

Today our focus stays particularly on Luwucifer, also known as Luwuciferx, a content creator with over 400 thousand followers on TikTok and thousands more across Instagram and Twitter.

Luwucifer also has his own brand SHDW studio, inspired by darkwear and Japanese artwork based off of his hands.

Meet Luwucifer

Luwucifer stands out through his own hands. Quite literally. He posts images and videos of his hands doing various normal, mundane things, mostly driving and garner millions of views and likes for it.

He started out small but quickly amassed thousands of followers thanks to numerous viral videos.

What's so fascinating about a hand that makes it deserve millions of views and likes? Well, nothing. And that's the point.

What could be so special about this, you ask? What's so fascinating about a hand that makes it deserve millions of views and likes? Well, nothing. And that's the point.

The point of Luwucifer and his whole brand, is to stand out by not being outlandish, but through the use of regular activities and the most regular part of our body.

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A New Form of Connection

If you ask a few people out there today, many would tell you that the best way to connect with others is through the eyes. But in a world filled with so much anger and jealousy and judgement, judging through the eyes have become something of an impurity.

I mean, of course it will always still be an important factor of our life. But, evidently, the new generation seeks something different. Something that transcends the superficiality of social media and all the fakery it brings.

For Luwucifer, the best way to do this, to transcend facial connection and move to a more significant, more subtle one, is through the use of his hands - quite literally.

The Luwucifer Brand

Many people look at Luwucifer's page and see something that they relate to. I mean, they have to consider the amount of loyal followers he gets. 

And that's what the Luwucifer brand is built upon - loyal following that transcends the allure of mere facial superficiality.

The CorpseHusband brand, very similar to that Luwucifer, is another of such example. No pretence. No deception. Just a faceless man trying to connect with people and inspire through the best way he knows how. 

For CorpseHusband, his unique appeal comes from his ethereal yet substantial and sublime voice, while for Luwuciferx, he does this through his hands.

In the end, the goal remains the same.

Elegant and Mysterious

Even though many don't know him and have never seen his face, or rather BECAUSE many don't know him and have never seen his face, a lot of people out there appreciate the mysteriousness of Luwucifer. 

That, in fact, it can be argued, is why they follow him with so much affection. They can't wait to see what comes next. Maybe the veil of the mystery finally comes off? Who knows?

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Or maybe it continues indefinitely? All that matters is that they connect with the man behind the account, through his hands this time, and not the face.