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Mela Water

Mela Water is the latest alternative beverage on the market packed with mouthwatering flavor combinations such as watermelon and ginger, watermelon and pineapple and watermelon and passion fruit. We sat down with owner, Dominic Purpura, to get the insight on what Mela Water is and what sets it apart from other drinks!

Thank you so much for your time today Dominic, we are excited to learn about your products! What is “watermelon water”?

Dominic Purpura: We take the juicy red core of a premium ripe watermelon and juice it. Watermelons are actually 92 percent water by nature. It provides hydration, antioxidants and electrolytes. You can create a beverage unlike anything you’ve ever had.

Why is it considered water, not juice?

Dominic Purpura: Psychologically you don't really want to take juice to the beach or drink juice after a work-out. We use the term water because it's not as thick as a juice, it's exactly like water. I like to say it's in between juice and water consistency.

Are there any added sugars?

There's no added sugars. All of our sugars come from the natural watermelon itself. Allowing you to feel good about your sugar craving.

Dominic Purpura: There's no added sugars. All of our sugars come from the natural watermelon itself. Allowing you to feel good about your sugar craving.

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What makes Mela so special?

Dominic Purpura: The thing that makes Mela so special is where we actually get the watermelons itself. We source our watermelons from some of the places on earth where watermelons grow peak and ripe almost 365 days a year compared to where we live in America. Watermelons are only peak in the summertime for a few months so we source our watermelons from some of the most exotic places on planet earth because that's where the bread and butter is and that's how we're able to always have a consistent and juicy sweet product is because we get our watermelons basically from the jungles of Southeast Asia. That's what makes us so special is where we source our product from and we're also a philanthropic company.

It sounds like you’re giving back through Mela Water, how?

Dominic Purpura: We're giving back to the community of Southeast Asia. For every single four pack we sell, we plant a tree in that area. Our goal is to plant about 40,000 trees this year and we feel confident in achieving that goal.

What are some ideas you’d give Mela Water drinkers for ways to enjoy them?

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Dominic Purpura: You can drink Mela Water before or after a workout to replenish electrolytes, mix it with your favorite alcohol and take it to the beach. Pretty much any occasion you can drink Mela. You can make Mela popsicles, smoothies and mixers. Add a little Mela to a popsicle mold, wait a bit for it to freeze and you’re good to go. As well as adding a few slices of your favorite fruit to mix things up. You can swerve your sugar craving with a healthy alternative. 

Thank you again, Dominic, we are looking forward to trying Mela Water in the restock!

Dominic Purpura: Thank you for having me!

To learn more about Mela Water, visit their website and social media.