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Mercurial Mouse

Mercurial Mouse enjoys extraordinary popularity these days, thanks to her unique and cute aesthetic that's got touches of Kawaii style and gaming cosplay wrapped into one. As an avid gamer, she loves creating costumes that are modeled after characters in the games she loves, as well as from comics. Now that she is inching toward having a million followers on Instagram, she shares how she was able to become so successful at the Instagram game and how to come up with content people are going to love.

She recommends providing something that people will be interested in that focuses on a particular niche. Once you've got visually-rich content, including both photos and videos, then you want to make sure your hashtag game is on-point. Hashtags are how people will find your content. If you just started an Instagram page, you have no followers. To get followers, you're going to need to create and share content. When you post great content and place hashtags in the captions, you will see your follower count grow soon enough.

Once you've got visually-rich content, including both photos and videos, then you want to make sure your hashtag game is on-point.

However, Mercurial Mouse recommends sticking to hashtags below one million posts. That's because the larger a hashtag is, the quicker your posts will disappear under it. When you post your content under one of the big hashtags, like #cats, your content will disappear in mere moments from the "Most Recent" tab for the hashtag. The same goes for TikTok. Stick to smaller hashtags that are focused on your niche.

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Another tip she shares is to reaching out to your peers within the niche your Instagram page is focused on. See if they would be willing to help you out, either with a shoutout or some other way of engagement. Perhaps they will even give you some pointers. However, be prepared to offer something in return. After all, if they are bigger accounts, you will want to make sure that you are offering some sort of fair exchange.

When you get to a certain level of followers or subscribers, you start getting opportunities from sponsors. In Mercurial Mouse's case, her main sponsor is Ewin Racing AU, which is a company that makes top-notch gaming chairs. They gave her a gaming chair and desk. In exchange, she spreads the good word about them. For her, she sees the sponsorship more like a partnership. Sponsors will be able to either give you free stuff or support you financially. One thing you want to remember about sponsorships is to have a written contract. This makes it clear to you what they expect from you in exchange for what they will be providing you.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

If you’re someone who wants to become successful at the Instagram game, or another social media platform like TikTok, then you can follow Mercurial Mouse on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Twitch. Feel free to reach out to her, and she just may reply back if you have a fair exchange proposed to her.