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MetaFans Brings Intricate Digital Art Pieces to the World of NFTs Through Renowned Artist Maxfield Bala

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Several NFT collections have been coming out of the woodwork in recent days. Each project has its own series of benefits and innovations that are consistently growing the industry into the powerhouse that it has become today—introducing MetaFans, a unique and innovative NFT project that transcends the cookie-cutter digital art trend that most NFTs are known for. The token does this as the team works together with world-renowned artist Maxfield Bala, who breathes new life to each unique token that is available in the collection.

MetaFans tokens are 4,000 x 4,000-pixel digital art created by the internationally-renowned artist Maxfield Bala. The project brings a wide array of sports fans’ characters to life through Bala’s handiwork. There will be 10,000 MetaFans tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain that will appear as ERC-721 tokens during their pre-sale occuring on November 26th, 2021.

The project will have a collection of sports characters with up to 650 sports-themed variations allowing for billions of distinct permutations. This approach is the team's way of letting its holders own an authentic token that is entirely different from any other token within the collection.

Each MetaFans token is Maxfield Bala at his best. He puts a lot of effort into every digital art piece, ensuring that all the characters have a sense of personality.

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Each MetaFans token is Maxfield Bala at his best. He puts a lot of effort into every digital art piece, ensuring that all the characters have a sense of personality. The NFT was praised early by artists and collectors alike for its intricate attention to detail. The token moves away from the typical NFT approach, where the digital art pieces are simplified for maximum mass production.

Maxfield Bala is a famous name in the world of branding and mural installations. He has made a name for himself as an art professional through his vibrant street artwork and masterful approach to curating human experiences through art. The MetaFans collection features Bala’s interpretation of a sports-crazed world filled with zany characters and bold colors that celebrate a diverse set of characters with different genders, ethnicities, and lifestyles. “We’re going well beyond the typical collection containing one character among a little over one hundred variations,” shared the artist.

The MetaFans project is also set to innovate the entire NFT industry by offering a unique series that the team dubs the “FanEPacks.” This feature introduces illustrated fanny packs with detailed patterns, zipper pulls, and patches that offer distinctions in themselves. This will allow for countless distinctions among tokens and ensure that each token is unique from the other.

The team behind the upcoming MetaFans also aims to make a big difference in people’s lives. They are planning to pledge toward Cancer and Autism institutes as soon as 20% of the collection gets purchased by collectors.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

The MetaFans team also promises to take good care of its NFT holder community by launching a members-only merchandise line and a digital ticket office that will guarantee MetaFans owners the best deals on the biggest sporting and music events in the world. MetaFans tokens mint at 0.08 ETH plus gas fees Learn more about the amazing MetaFans project by visiting the official website. Hop on the Discord server for more live updates regarding the project.