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What Are MGA Games?

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is known to be the one and only gaming control board of Malta. It is known to regulate both land-based casinos as well as online-based slot games so that players get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Players get a chance to enjoy the best slots and get different bonuses like free spins no deposit. With the chief motto being- “It’s not what we do, it’s the way we do it,” this highly popular and fun gaming section has a lot to offer to the public. They are online game specialists who are held at really huge value by operators. 

MGA games have developed a passion for making sure to launch the best quality online casino games.

Their main motive is to design a set of games that is both graphically appealing and technically perfect at the same time. In order to make their players always crave for more, they keep on designing new games and always come up with something better so that the players can make the most of it in no time. They always have their players’ best wishes in mind, so they always remember to excite players through content, easiness and rewards, never losing track of the need for maximising operator profitability. They always aim at ensuring proper equality and protection of their players so that they feel safe and secure without any doubt. Their high-quality graphics and sounds also allow them to be at the top of the pack. With the exceptional skills and techniques of MGA Games, it has not failed to be the best and most recommended by all of the players. 

MGA games have developed a passion for making sure to launch the best quality online casino games. They always make sure to offer after-sales services and flawless technical support so that its players do not face any issue whatsoever. Their exceptional service to their customers is what makes them stand out from all the other online casinos. So if you are looking for an online casino for real money, MGA games will be the clear-cut choice for you. 

History of MGA Games

Established in 2001, the MGA games managed a variety of sectors in the gaming industry. They did so by making sure that the players were provided with every bit of necessity they needed, from ensuring transparency and preventing crime and corruption to protecting all of the players equally. They were also known to be one of the first managers to offer legislation that controls the online gambling activity of companies. They also aim at creating a positive and safe environment for their players so that they feel secure at all times. 

Growth of MGA Games

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, this really impeccable gaming platform has been quite successful in developing and producing Slots, Table and Videobingo games. Now, their portfolio is known to include more than 100 titles which are evolved using the technology of HTML5. This technology consists of an amazing animation level, high-quality graphics and brilliant download speed. They are known to create all of these games with 100% localised characters for each of their markets. It has been growing immensely, with the firm generating more than 12% of the country’s GDP. 

MGA Games to Release Celebrity Themed Slots Next Year

Jose Antonio Giacomelli, the general director of MGA games, mentioned that the upcoming year’s goal of the firm would be to release more than 50 celebrity slots with IPs. This huge goal is sure to require extreme potential, facilities, resources, time and effort. But with the right facilities, even this aim can be a piece of cake. Since the company’s various strategies include global exclusive agreements, international strategic alliances, promotional measures, and so much more, it will not be excessively difficult for the company to achieve this objective.

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The director also announced his plans of producing Portuguese, Spanish and Colombian Celebrities series while also bringing well-known faces to Denmark, Holland, Italy, Sweden and Germany. “With games like Golden Throne, The Last Gladiator, and Cleopatra, we’ve taken the product a step further, and our objective is to localise all of our games for each area we intend to enter,” Giacomelli explained.

Benefits of Playing Slots Online

Playing slots online can be a really fun activity to perform and the best source of entertainment for you. By comparing games accessible on the internet with the past land-based casinos, you will get to understand just how different and convenient online games are. The whole credit for such convenience goes to Microgaming since they were the first to introduce the world’s first online casino platform. Given below are some benefits of playing slots online you might want to take a look at:

  • Amazing Online Slot Tournaments: Since these slot tournaments provide really high chances of winning exceptionally large payouts, they are a better option to look for. Also, it is also more convenient and entertaining than the land-based casinos since it is readily available. 
  • Convenience Is the Key: The most important benefit of online casino slot games is that they can be played anytime and from anywhere. Due to its online availability, you do not have to worry about travelling to far and distant places to enjoy the slots of your choice. 
  • Availability of Slots: Since the availability of slots is large, you can easily make your choice of slot and start playing immediately without any hindrances. Another advantage that online slots have over land-based casinos is that it involves the participation of more than one player in a single slot. 
  • Higher Payout Facilities: You can easily expect to get a really high payout percentage of 92-97% from online casino slots. 
  • Numerous prizes and incentives: One of the major advantages as to why MGA games are recommended by all is that players get to enjoy the right to extra rewards and incentives than that from a land-based casino. Factors like free spins, cash rewards, and so much more are contributing factors as to why you should always opt for MGA games.

The Bottom Line

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

From the above-mentioned details provided to you about online casino slot games, you will get to know how MGA Games is releasing celebrity-themed slots next year, which will gradually add to their progress and well-being. So what are you waiting for? Make sure to read this article until the very end and get filled in with detailed information about online casino slots.