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Michael Barayev

Success is built up from hard work, determination, and a hunger to deliver the best to your target market. Top business coach Michael Barayev is the true picture of success built on hard work, mental fortitude and commitment. He comes from extremely humble beginnings. If he had decided to base his focus on his childhood family status, he would not have birthed the Barayev companies and brand.

Michael's parents emigrated from the USSR when he was six months old. Unfortunately for him, he grew up exposed to domestic violence. His parents ended up divorcing when he was thirteen, which caused a lot of mental trauma and led him to becoming a “troubled” child. Eventually, he was taken into the foster care system. Growing in an environment where he had absolutely no control over his circumstances led him to becoming determined at an early age to never find himself in that situation again.

Michael is passionate about serving others and coaching other companies to significantly increase their closing ratio.

Michael Barayev, between the ages of seventeen to twenty five, got involved in outside event sales, business to business, and door to door sales which allowed him to master his craft. This created a burning desire for him to start his marketing and sales company which he built to multiple seven figures in profit in less than 3 years.

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In the world of sales, the biggest score is closing a deal. Michael is passionate about serving others and coaching other companies to significantly increase their closing ratio. As a business owner, the customers’ desires and needs should be your main focus. He believes that in order for a customer to say yes, you must be empathetic and attentive to best understand your customers current situation. With that information you are able to successfully impact them with your product or service.

Michael considers the culture that he has created and nurtured within his organization to be a founding pillar of his ultimate success. He recommends that every business leader or manager must invest into the training and development of their staff. It is imperative that your staff has a leader that is going to dedicate one on one time to the sales training of each individual. Selecting a leader within the organization that is meant to inspire, motivate, and guide your sales team to have the right attitude and mindset is essential for your business. 

Barayev also advises that you need to be the beacon of hope for your organization and inspire them to do things they have never imagined they were capable of doing. Being that light of inspiration within your company attracts talented individuals from your competitive market. He states that this is what it took for him to build a full time sales force with over 150+ sales agents.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.