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Michael Bievetski

Entrepreneurship is not just about building a successful business empire but also knowing about making the right investments. One of the notable entrepreneurs Michael Bievetski from Dubai has helped many entrepreneurs in setting up the companies and market them in Dubai and across the UAE. With a proven track record, Michael understands the market trends and does the consultation about making some smart investments in different sectors. Currently based in Dubai, he was born in Moscow and raised in Germany. The investor always emphasizes establishing connections and connecting with the right people from different industries. 

Having worked as a banker in Germany, Bievetski has a formal training which he did from renowned universities.

Having worked as a banker in Germany, Bievetski has a formal training which he did from renowned universities. Moreover, he pursued a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Achieving tremendous success as an investor, he says that the profession chose him and he feels fortunate to consult the businessmen who want solutions in building companies. Having a mind of a leader since the start, he travelled a lot and connected with like-minded people from different workplaces before reaching where he is today.

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Throwing light on how his life has changed over the years, Michael said, “I had been in Germany as a foreigner when I knew nothing about the country. Neither the language nor did I have the business acumen. All I knew was to build a network and I believe communication is the key to become an entrepreneur.” Despite having achieved success, Michael has always been down to earth, communicative and humble towards his peers and acquaintances. Looking back at the journey, the self-made millionaire and investor has come a long way witnessing lots of ups and downs, losing money on business deals yet shining bright as a top-notch entrepreneur.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Michael’s plan for the future is to build a solid network of entrepreneurs and help them in building business across the Middle East. Without having the strenuous work life, the entrepreneur most of his time works from beaches and exotic resorts of the world. In his leisure time, he loves jet-skiing, yachting, hanging out with millionaires in plush clubs and his Instagram posts rightly prove it. Inspiring millions to never give up, the entrepreneur lastly said that resilience is what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. “The road to success might be hard but only a few reach the top after witnessing failures and struggles”, added Bievetski.