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When people from around the world talk about business and how they can take steps to advance their businesses; they talk about the newer techniques and strategies that they can choose to be on pace with the changing times of marketing and investing, this is attributed to the rapid growth of the internet and social media platforms. Businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world have realized that to excel in their respective fields, going digital is the best way for them to scale at large, especially after the pandemic which has in many ways disrupted many industries and forced people online. This is when young influencers and entrepreneurs of the digital world come into play and one such high-performing Instagram growth expert and Instagram influencer is Mikylee Bonthoux, who has very early in life realized what he needs to help businesses to much greater heights online by leveraging social media platforms.

Some people make up their mind very early and realize that they are not made to work under someone else or fulfill someone else's dreams. These young minds are very well aware of what their heart seeks and thus, start working on their own dreams. Mikylee has done just that; at the initial stage of his career, he did a lot many odd jobs but very soon realized that he needed to create something of his own to really get ahead.

He is a young self-made investor and Instagram influencer and growth expert, who believed in his talents, passion and skills to make it big as an entrepreneur.

The first thing he did to start his journey was watch videos on YouTube to understand how one can make money online. Spending a lot of time doing that, Mikylee learned various things and researched a lot to eventually jump into the online world and earn the wealth he had always dreamed of. The youngster from Canada, who is only 21 years of age, today has made his own personal brand, which he consistently works on as an influencer and audience growth expert. Even after achieving a rich clientele, whose accounts have been massively growing at the hands of Mikylee across Instagram, this young talent decided to venture into real estate, as well, to multiply his earning opportunities.

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Today, Mikylee Bonthoux apart from being a dynamic young Instagram influencer and growth expert; is also a smart real estate investor, who has already purchased two condos which he rents on Airbnb and is continuously looking for new ways to build up his real estate portfolio. Mikylee wants to expand the number of properties he owns to create more assets which in turn helps him get closer to attaining the wealth that will set him up for the rest of his life. 

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

He wants to keep adding more new services for his clients to serve them at an even higher level. Don't forget to connect with him on Instagram, @mkzlive to know more.