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Sometimes you need a masterpiece instead of another piece of writing that will earn you a “B.” It may be an admissions essay to an Ivy League college, a grant application, or a research proposal. For all the cases when the stakes are too high and the pressure is too strong, follow our recommendations for a paper that will greatly impress your readers.

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1. Check the instructions

There is a difference between narrative, compare/contrast, argumentative, and critical essays. To turn in a paper that will earn you an “A,” make sure to follow the requirements of your teacher. If something is unclear and a Google search doesn’t provide adequate explanations, ask your instructor for clarifications on your task.

2. Choose a unique topic

There are some reliable topics and ways to write about them, like “Using plastic is bad,” “London is the capital of Great Britain,” or ��Hamlet is the greatest play of all times.” However, just imagine how often your teacher has had to read the same ideas in slightly different words. These topics and ideas will guarantee you a good grade but will never inspire your reader. Better provide your teacher with some new information and original ideas.

3. Narrow your subject

You are rarely allowed to write as much as you want in an essay. For this reason, to adequately address your topic with strong points and relevant details, restrict yourself to a very specific issue.

4. Get inspired

Read once again your favorite pieces of writing by acknowledged authors and watch popular TED talks. Get motivated by reading some essay examples you can easily find online.

5. Pay careful attention to formatting

Even the most brilliantly-written paper can receive a poor evaluation if your teacher’s instructions are not followed. Double-checking the formatting style might take some time and attention, but this is crucial in writing an A+ paper.

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6. Find reliable sources

Opt for peer-reviewed articles for your research as well as other trustworthy sources. Wikipedia, for example, isn’t considered a reliable source. On the other hand, every article there has a list of great references at the end, and you can use them with no worries. Also, don’t make bold statements if you have no evidence to support them.

7. Vary your vocabulary

Boring words compose boring papers. Use a Thesaurus to make your vocabulary more varied, and avoid tautologies. Embrace metaphors but stay away from cliches. Avoid slang words and phrases that might be unclear for your reader.

8. Keep the flow

Before you start writing, compose a logical outline. Make sure that your statements are linked. Use transitional words and phrases to connect ideas and sentences or to move from one paragraph to another. Don’t make your sentences too long. If your piece of text is difficult to comprehend even for you, then it will be unbearable for your reader.

9. Add possible counterarguments

If it seems to you that your position can be argued against, then be the first one to do so by considering the best counterarguments. Debate with yourself and provide some objections to your main point. This will show your instructor that you have a deep understanding of the topic.

10. Edit your writing after a couple of days

Whenever you see “very” eliminate it. Whenever you spot “many,” try to figure out the exact number and opt for it to make your argument stronger. Use a spell-checker. Read your paper aloud and listen to what you are reading. Then give your essay to someone else to read. Remember that you’ve written what your reader has read. Therefore, there is no point in saying, “That is not what I wanted to say.” Get rid of ambiguities whenever they occur.

11. Ask for professional assistance

If for some reason you can’t use all our recommendations right away, find some help online. Rapid Essay, for example, is an academic writing service that is ready to assist you with any kind of task with which you have difficulty completing. The company has more than 10 years of experience in the academic writing field and will easily make your essay look like it’s worth a million bucks.