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Actress, global traveler, model, and TV star Miss Minoeve, has made her way from a humble birth in Seoul to the lights of NYC. Having worked in Vegas, toured the MMA circuit as a ring girl, and now running a successful business as an online entertainment entrepreneur, Miss Minoeve is in the perfect position to muse over the future of the arts industries in America.

What Is happening in the Arts?

The cultural recession triggered by the 2020 outbreak of Covid-19 is not news to anyone. When things started to shut down, and infection numbers surged, the common public had no desire to be caught cramped into movie theatres, crowded into galleries, or squeezed into music venues. 

Miss Minoeve shares her thoughts on where the future of the arts lies in a post-pandemic economy.

There was an overall dip in demand for artists, writers, and creative input across the board. With venues closing left and right due to health concerns, it became unreasonable to expect audiences of any number. The show must go on, but there is only so long you can keep the doors open with no audience to make it worth your while. 

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As a result, businesses have closed, careers have been lost, and people are impoverished. CNN reported back in April that there was an urgent need for support in the industry… and that was nearly a year ago now. Brookings performed creative industry analysis that estimates job losses of more than 2.7 million people in the creative industries across the US. This represents roughly $150 billion annually – all lost because people cannot work.

So, what are we going to do about it? Are we going to accept the death of the arts in America, or are we going to set about changing it? Miss Minoeve thinks that digital evolution holds the key.

The Pandemic Is Sending Artists Digital

Digital art and traditional art might be two different mediums, but they are about to share the same pathway to success. The only way for an artist to exhibit now is to do it online. Businesses are finally waking up because an online gallery is cheaper to operate than a brick and mortar one. Artists can set up their webpages to cash in on the custom. 

For the musician, podcasts, live streams, and one-on-one concerts are the way forward. Just like a cam girl, you can beam your music and wares straight into the homes of your customers. You could play birthday gigs, hire yourself out in the same way as you did before… but use projectors. 

For the theatergoer, several actors have already made moves towards performing script readings over Zoom and Skype. Such script readings might be comedic, but they lay the foundations for some exciting theatre to come. If we look back at the film over the last few years, the internet, the social media use, the video chats, it was all making its way onto our screens anyway… it is just sped up the process.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

The pandemic is sending the arts into the digital workspace, and that is no bad thing. It is time we had an update to tired mediums. Like always, the creativity of the American people will spring back. All it takes is a little time.