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Dental appointments can famously activate the fight-or-flight instincts of many. Some worry about trips to the dentist, despite their undeniable benefit to individual health. But over the past few years, traditional medicine has experienced sector-wide change. It now favors holistic, patient-led approaches that put the client’s satisfaction first.

Dr. Minoo Ghamari is the Principal Dentist at @gorgeoussmilesdentistry and has a strong desire for the inclusion of the dental sector in that shift. Ghamari believes she can see a future that other dental professionals can’t and has set out to transform her patients’ experience in line with the wider medical sector.

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Her clinic, Gorgeous Smiles, encountered hurdles early on. The company’s early history was dominated by Ghamari’s need to study for her Australian dental examination in order to set the business in motion. Ghamari and her mother had also recently immigrated to the country and understood their shortcomings when it came to Australian culture. Furthermore, the pair were not able to ignore the existential threat posed to businesses by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Accessible via its website, Gorgeous Smiles boasts a more complete take on patient care, ensuring that clients understand the benefits of oral health. Differentiating Ghamari’s clinic is a ‘dental spa’ approach that promises patients a positive experience to subvert negative assumptions about the industry.

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The co-founder combined this innovative approach with online functionality to address concerns of potential patients, contributing to increased business as the pressures of the pandemic begin to alleviate. Ghamari has made online cosmetic consultations available to those undecided whether to use the practice and has taken the opportunities of the likes of Instagram to raise awareness around dental procedures. The result is a heightened appeal for her clinic.

Emerging as a leader in the industry, Gorgeous Smiles now has the opportunity to expand throughout Australia at its fingertips.