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Mintonians Brings MMORPG Character to the NFT Space


Non-fungible tokens have become the go-to space for characters of many massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG). As a result, people are tying together metaverse and esports applications with NFTs, making this strategy one of the most effective approaches to building a decentralized artwork community. The latest project to solidify that claim is Mintonians, one of the newest NFT collections to hit the blockchain market. This NFT was sold out and raised a whopping $500,000 in just ten minutes.

The Mintonians are a group of fictional animated characters that belong to a world called the Mintyverse. There are 10,000 available mints of the NFT with uniquely designed hand-drawn traits and characteristics that make each one stand out from the crowd. These characters are based on an MMORPG game called Legends of Mintonia, which resides on the Mintyswap network. Some of the Mintonian characters take after pop culture references, such as a Batman character and one based on the Avatar alien.

What makes the artworks of the Mintonian collection stand out from the rest of the NFT universe is that they’re all purely hand-drawn. Each Mintonian character is derived from the token’s mascot, which will later be a part of a three-dimensional game currently in development. Part of the Mintonian creators’ roadmap includes a whole set of giveaways to encourage people to join the online NFT community. Some of those prizes include a $500 a month for life pot with an extra $100 for each month the holders diamond hand NFT. A total of ten lucky winners will pick up these great rewards. Moreover, one lucky NFT owner will also pick up the ultra-rare Minty Monroe NFT plus $1 million in cash.

The Mintonian NFT will also carry breeding aspects between the female and male characters in the same wallet.

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The Mintonian NFT will also carry breeding aspects between the female and male characters in the same wallet. The children of these mints will become the sidekicks within the Legends of Mintonia game. Given the vast expansion of metaverse applications over the last few years, people have been flocking over to NFTs with metaverse implications. Given the ideation tracks of the Mintonian character, there’s a big chance that the digital artwork and play-to-earn game will turn into one whole metaverse on its own.

Non-fungible tokens are some of today’s most successful investment tools. People have been able to pick up mints that would increase in value at accelerated rates, making collectors and holders thousands to millions of dollars at a time. By introducing a new NFT into the blockchain ecosystem, the Mintonian creators hope to do the same for their current community. It also hopes to continue increasing Mintyswap usage.

Mintyswap is one of the newest online marketplaces to mint and trade NFTs. The new platform aims to provide users online with access to cryptocurrency-based financial services, which will allow them to exchange digital assets and access cross-chain exchanges between Ethereum and Binance.

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The Mintonian pre-sale has officially begun on December 1 and will continue. As more people join the Mintyverse, the founding group promises to release more rewards and giveaways to the growing community. To get more information on the Mintonian NFT collection and check out their artworks, visit the NFT’s website and Instagram account.