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Miss to Mrs Box
Miss to Mrs Box

Okay not to be dramatic here but I have seen many bridal services but nothing like Miss to Mrs Box. They are literally the best thing ever. If you are planning your wedding or have a family or friend who is, this is exactly what you need. They have a subscription service you can subscribe to and receive themed packages monthly, every 2 months, every 3 months or every 2 weeks while planning for your wedding. Not only have they won so many awards, but they are also in partnership with big brands such as Davids Bridal Diamond Club and Wedding Wire ISaidYes! 2021 giveaway. There is so much good stuff about them but today we are here to talk about some of their themes. They include these themes when you subscribe to their service and let’s just tell you we are obsessed! 

1) Let’s Plan this! 

I absolutely love this theme. It has all the essential things that you will need to plan your wedding and its products are more catered into the overall planning. In the past, this theme has included products such as wedding plan notebooks, tumblers, decorations for celebration, balloons and so much more.

2) Ultimate Bridal Swag. 


These days bridal merch is a huge trend that people are enjoying and including into their wedding experience. It can be super cute and fun to have them and this is where the ultimate bridal swag comes in. It includes all the drip you will ever need, well, except for your wedding dress of course.

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Items in this theme are such as tote bags, t-shirts, baseball caps and so on. This theme is a perfect excuse to match with your bridesmaids and have some cute photos taken. 

Tiqua Meed