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Condensation is common in winter. You are more likely to see water built-up on the glass panes and also at the bottom of the panes. If you have old windows, you should have observed frozen matter at some time. All these issues are the signs of condensation on your windows and doors Mississauga. However, this problem is not caused purely by defective windows, though in most cases it could be.


You might have noticed moisture on your windows and doors Mississauga. That is condensation. But what causes it?

So, when do condensation becomes bad and at what levels should you consider acceptable? What are the ways you can do to prevent it from happening on your windows and doors Mississauga? The answers to these questions and much more are given here.

What Is Condensation?

This is one misunderstood aspect by most homeowners in Mississauga. Most homeowner when they see condensation, they think it is because the surface of their windows is defective. However, condensation on your windows and doors Mississauga can also be as a result of prolonged exposure of these elements. Condensation usually comes from the air, and not the moisture in the air.

Condensation on your doors and windows is only visible when external temperatures drop quickly, therefore creating a significant temperature difference between the exterior and interior temperatures.

Where Does Air Moisture Emanate From?

You are the main source of moisture that is found in the air. For instance, according to research, a family of five can add moisture in the air that is equivalent to 20 to 50 litres of water every week in the atmosphere in at your home.

Home activities such as cooking, bathing, and showering can add moisture of up to twenty litres in the atmosphere per week. Cloth drying also contributes to this moisture, which is estimated to be tent to fifteen litres per week.

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Ways to Prevent Ventilation from Forming on Your Doors and Windows Mississauga.

There are various things which determine how to deal with condensation in your homes such as the condition of your vents and windows. Generally, it is all about striking a balance between the moisture outside, and that inside your home, and that is entirely through regulating airflow in your home.

So, you may not depend on only one thing to control condensation in your home, but a combination of different mechanisms such as buying hygrometer, making sure your home is well ventilated, circulating air inside your house and lowering the thermostat. You may also consider purchasing a dehumidifier.

Do Condensation Mean I Have to Replace My Windows Mississauga?

There is a bad and good condensation all in quotes. For instance, condensation mostly occurs during the winter. You can eliminate that by simply wiping it. However, it also occurs in summer, and that is solely because of temp differences.

However, condensation is bad if it occurs between the glass panes and you cannot wipe it. that shows the seal is broken and the solution is to replace your windows Mississauga.

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