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Mobeen Mian

American entrepreneur Mobeen Mian is a strong believer in the power of the social media and his brand #Focuseddd, upholds diversity in its work ethos. Social media has also influenced the way society functions today. The communication of messages both positive and negative are done through diverse groups of different genders. At the young age of 25, Mobeen Mian the CEO of #Focuseddd, has created a success story through this news media firm and public relations firm. Mobeen Mian believes in sustained efforts to be successful.

What is Collaboration? Leading from example, American Entrepreneur, Mobeen Mian displays it. Starting from a simple idea with his team, to now a movement only growing rapidly on social media and within the nation, Mian believes his brand , #Focuseddd, boosted with just collaborations with quality individuals. Business owners, athletes, and even artists. Having diverse initiatives, and aspiring to do the same personally, he is a graduate with a Bachelors in Business Administration and has a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership. During his 4-year degree at the University of North Texas, Mobeen Mian launched owns his media production line, #Focuseddd in July of 2017.

#Focuseddd has a large team based on collaborations, digitally, and face to face relationships with reputable businesses and public figures. The multimedia brand emphasizes projects within photography, videography, press releases, customized clothing, as well as event promoting. A few businesses which Mobeen Mian and his #Focuseddd team have partnered within Dallas and helped grow their online presence have been K Alyse LLC, The Dallas Open Mic, Mission Fit Fitness, Metrocrest Services, Modest Music Org, as well as public schools in low-income areas with support programs. Mian explains the key for development has been with certain organizations that have also trusted his vision. The triple D’s in his brand #FOCUSEDDD represents the desire, dedication, and devotion needed to achieve any goal in our way we want to accomplish. He said their brand promotes, supports, and markets only positive and motivational content.

Mian explains the key for development has been with certain organizations that have also trusted his vision.

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Some notable projects he has had with public figures include producing the documentary for Dr Ricco Wright of the Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma during the Black Lives Matter Protest in 2020, as well as making customized clothing for international professional fighter Ali Al-Qaisi on his UFC debut. Some notable community events that have taken place with Mobeen Mian and his #FOCUSEDDD collaborations have been in the Historic Downtown Carrollton, Texas, as the “Evening to Give Back”, with a three-hour musical and art showcase event, collecting more than 3000 canned food items from the community, partnering with recognized event planners, K. Alyse LLC. Those canned goods were then donated to Metrocrest Services. The event followed a second one the following year.

These last few months, the multimedia brand, #Focuseddd, has been on a promotional tour, in multiple states : New York, Denver, California, and Texas. Covering promotion for certain business owners, events, and marketing needs for them. After generating and completing the tour, the connections in California remain intact connecting with producers and artists in various locations. With the certain COVID-19 openings, certain events are now coming together with larger crowds, thus giving artists an entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate more. In Los Angeles, Long Beach, and South Central the brand has remained its notability in the west coast.

"For a lot of individuals, I have noticed that they don't want any partnership; they just want money. Why not offer each other something that goes beyond just monetary value and grow toward sustainability? Said Mian. "If you are a business owner and offer services in your company, and another business owner involves market strategies of their own, you should offer each other products, services, and recognition, that will make you both elevate. Without monetary expenses. This will develop diversity and notability amongst the clients yet to come for both entities".

Creating #FOCUSEDDD as a motivational movement is mainly inspiration for others to also stay positive in what they talk about and wish to pursue. Mobeen Mian, now a PhD student, believes diversity and inclusion is the healing the community needs.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Social media has proved that there are no barriers for communication. It helps in connecting virtually without physical proximity, across geographical boundaries, and interculturally irrespective of caste, creed, religion, or faith. Social media has also proved beyond doubt to be the fastest way to communicate.