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Mobile Casinos

A few years ago, not many people would have imagined that they could make bets from their mobile devices, let alone PCs. The only way to gamble was through brick-and-mortar casinos, and that was an accepted fact. Today, mobile casinos UK and in other parts of the world are doing better financially than their land-based counterparts. Shocking what disruption can do to an industry.

Reasons for the Popularity of Mobile Casinos


Today, mobile casinos UK and in other parts of the world are doing better financially than their land-based counterparts.

Mobile casinos have gained so much popularity primarily because they are convenient. You only need to whip out your phone and select a pay by phone casino atCasinosters, and you will be ushered into the world of gaming that easily. Being able to deposit money and pay at your casino account with your phone allows you to keep playing for as long as you wish. This freedom has also brought into the net a new age-group of gamblers. Today, a good number of jackpot winners are below 40 years old. 

Other than licenses, some of the other things a player wants to look at include payment options. The more a casino has, the better for the player. Online casino games UK have also been looking better each year with improved variety. Reading online reviews on sites helps one know the site to work with for their own safety.

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Fast Internet

With 4G and 5G internet, players have a fast connection that allows them to play for as long as they wish. The last thing you want is to lose connectivity while betting for real money, and so the reliability of today’s internet plays a huge role in removing this block. With so many new features on games - such as auto-play - players can place their bets at their favorite casino sites then go on with their activities while the game plays as long as they have stable, reliable internet.

Game Variety

Game developers have become quite reliable at churning games these days so mobile casinos can have a variety. The days of using Flash are long past since HTML5 based games became all the rage. These games have the same resolution on mobile devices as they do on PCs, making it possible to play from anywhere for real money. This enlarged game portfolio at mobile online casinos has also allowed newbie players to test their skills with different games while also ensuring seasoned players don’t get bored.

Mobile Payments

Since there are several ways to make payments online today, players have several to pay or deposit for their casino accounts. Methods such as PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Ecopayz, and cryptocurrency that are accepted at most modern mobile online casinos can be completed through the phone. These methods are not only secure but discreet too, which suits the plans of most gamblers.

The Casino Industry in the UK

The UK Gambling Commission is in charge of licensing UK casinos. None is allowed to operate until it has met the requirements of this strict body. One of the smartest strategies casinos in the UK adopted from the beginning was accepting players from all over the world. As long as you are of the right age – typically 21 – you can play regardless of your domicile.

When land-based casinos could not handle the heat from the online gambling space, they licensed new online operations that are now your popular mobile casinos. Today, English gambling houses dominate 65% of the online gambling market. They also offer a huge portfolio of sports with sportsbooks that were launched before the rest of the world could catch up. Regulating the industry has helped keep it slightly clean, even though there will always be a few bad operations trying to operate without licenses.

What Makes up a Mobile Casino?

A mobile casino is where you can make a payment through your phone. All you need to know is how much is needed so you can initiate the transaction through your mobile device. There are no credit cards involved or the need to link your bill to the bank account. This method of payment is preferred in the UK and other parts of the world, not only for convenience but also discretion. The number of gambling houses choosing this way of payment has been growing slowly, and it’s bound to keep growing.